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Cycloid for Scale-ups

Your infra should keep up with your growth. Build a solid DevOps foundation with Cycloid and scale up your business like a boss.

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The challenge

cloud copyExpansion requires oversight and governance


cloud toolsAn “all hands on deck” approach doesn’t work for true growth


save money iconWithout solid foundations, scale-up is impossible

DevOps is in your DNA, but the more you grow, the harder it gets to sustain

Rapid growth has transformed your company, but you’re still not sure you have the foundations in place to scale to ever-greater heights. Growth’s a funny thing. You spend months or even years fighting for it and then when you least expect it, it hits you like a tidal wave.

If you’ve survived this long, congrats and long may it last. But if you want your business to go the distance, you’re going to have to make some changes now to ensure your tech team can scale smoothly and your team is perfectly primed for performance.


Crazy success leads to crazy growth, but only strategic improvement is going to let you thrive


Why Cycloid?

We provide governance with respect

Your first move to re-impose order on your business is to make sure there is strong governance at every step. This is a delicate process; heavy-handed prescription will annoy your ops and insult your devs. Luckily, Cycloid offers a better way, building in governance from the bottom-up but making it practically imperceptible. How so? Ops use tools like Teams & Custom Roles, StackForms, and InfraPolicies to set appropriate limits “behind the curtains”. When devs and other users get involved, the only options they have are the ones already okayed by your experts - meaning users get flexibility, ops have control, and everyone is happy.

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Sustainable, efficient growth is the only growth that counts

Scale is the goal, but if scaling brings more problems than it fixes, is it really growth at all? Cycloid acts like a framework, guiding and facilitating your product’s growth and scale by ensuring that the things that hobble growth - error, redundancy, and overspend - are kept to an absolute minimum. We do this with tools like Cost Estimation and InfraView, helping you monitor your SDLC for warning signs and trouble before they have a chance to knock your company’s growth off course.

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Implement and maintain best practice

Have you heard the gardening motto “The best time to plant an apple tree was seven years ago, and the next best time is today?”. The same goes for best practices. Things may have blown off course during your meteoric rise, but it’s never too late to get them back on track. Cycloid provides multiple tools that make implementing best practices easy, from fine-grained RBAC controls to easy CI/CD, real-time visibility, and absolute cross-tool compatibility. Sure, we can’t do your best practice for you, but we can help make it easier.

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Focus on future opportunity, build for future success



DevOps business value - can you make
the case to the c-suite?

An ungated cheatsheet to give you some ideas about how to present your DevOps-first metrics to a non-tech audience.

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Life the Cycloid Way

A strong base for future growth

control your cloud costs

Build a solid foundation - collaborative behavior, best practice, and an automation-first mentality - for a long-lasting successful business.

Bottom-up governance


Don’t be a helicopter parent - implement a transparent culture from the beginning and allow safe growth without restrictions.

Supported expansion

deploy faster

Set yourself up for success with Cycloid’s strategic help and weather future scaling with ease.


The time to plan for the future is right now

Your competitors are thinking 2 steps ahead
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