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An open-source alternative to Cycloid star, InfraView

Stress-free cloud diagrams for any business, big or small

Accessibility is one of our core values, which is why InfraView is one of Cycloid’s star features. It’s a tool with the wow-factor and is a genuine time-saver for devs, DevOps, and system architects the world over. The reason it’s so popular? Cloud architecture diagrams have multiple positives but a striking negative - they’re time-consuming and error-prone to make by hand.

InfraView, however, is part of Cycloid, our main product and a paid tool. Even so, we thought that everyone, even people working alone or as part of a much smaller team, deserves the accessibility offered by an automatic infrastructure generator. And that’s where InfraMap - open source and 100% free - steps in.


Think of InfraMap like InfraView’s little sister - reading from tfstate or HCL files (no Terraform? No problem - if you don't have Terraform, open-source tool TerraCognita will generate the HCL and the tfstate file), it automatically builds a graphical representation of your infrastructures without any input from you. The end product is simpler than InfraView, but still offers the accessibility and ease of its big sister. Your InfraMap architecture diagram will open up your infra to non-technical team members, allowing you to identify points of error, troubleshoot faster, and ensure everything is up-to-date.

Use InfraMap to create your infra diagrams in a single click (or add it as a step in your pipeline), using pruned infra-as-code that keeps all sensitive information safe. Hours spent trying - and failing - to get your manual diagrams just right are about to become a thing of the past.


  • Creates a graphical representation of your infrastructure
  • Can generate anonymized graphs
  • Allows full visibility of cloud resources
  • Saves precious time spent creating diagrams by hand


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