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Stress-free cloud diagrams - for any business - with InfraMap


Build cloud architecture maps in a single click and get a holistic overview of your infra that’s accessible to everyone.


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What is InfraMap?

InfraMap makes manual diagrams a thing of the past by automatically building a graphical representation of your infrastructure without any input from you. Identify points of error, troubleshoot faster, and ensure everything is up to date with ease.

How does it work?

InfraMap reads Terraform state files (no Terraform? No problem - use our open-source tool TerraCognita to generate it from an existing infrastructure), and creates your infra diagrams in a single click. It uses “pruned” infra-as-code that keeps sensitive information safe.

What's in it for you?


Infrastructure diagrams always up-to-date

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Easy to update internal documentation

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Save time on creating diagrams by hand

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Supported cloud providers

An open-source alternative to Cycloid’s star feature


InfraView is InfraMap’s big sister and one of our most popular features. Embedded in the Cycloid platform, it builds more advanced maps with the detailed properties of each element on the diagram. It's a tool with the wow-factor and is a genuine timesaver for devs, DevOps, and system architects the world over.


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