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Stay one step ahead of your cloud bill

Insight into the expected cost of your deployments

TerraCost automatically gives you insight into the total cost of your deployments - before you actually deploy them and without having to add them up manually. Like all of Cycloid’s features, we wanted to develop a tool that had as many benefits for as many members of the tech team as possible. TerraCost offers visibility, transparency, and governance, meaning that it helps devs as much as it does managers.

How does it help? It gives IT managers and other responsible executives peace of mind, allowing them to be sure that no one can inadvertently run up a huge cloud bill. Meanwhile, it helps devs and ops understand the true impact of their actions and contributes to our ultimate goal of 360º visibility of your projects from start to finish.

Via the Cycloid CLI, TerraCost uses your Terraform plan to automatically output the cost of resources and how that cost evolves from one deployment to the next. It uses a Go library for estimating these costs using ingested cloud vendor prices. It is intended to be imported and used by programs (APIs or standalone) with access to a MySQL-compatible database and the internet.


  • Automatically estimates your cloud costs before deployment
  • Prevent accidental excessive cloud cost bills
  • Uses your TerraForm plan to estimate costs
  • Currently available through CLI, later via console interface
  • Compare costs from deployment to deployment

Contributing to the community

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