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Stay one step ahead of your
cloud bill with TerraCost

Estimate your cloud computing costs
in real time and encourage autonomy

What is TerraCost?


TerraCost automatically gives you insight into the total cost of your deployments - before you actually deploy them.

No more unexpected bills - know exactly how much you’re spending in real time.

How does it work?


TerraCost uses your Terraform plan to automatically output the cost of resources and to show how that cost evolves from one deployment to the next. It uses a Go library for estimating these costs using ingested cloud vendor prices. It is intended to be imported and used by programs (APIs or standalone) with access to a MySQL-compatible database and the internet.

What's in it for you?

Automatic cost prediction

automated cost predictions

Improved governance

improved governance

Full autonomy for your devs

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Get the full functionality


Cost prediction is built-in

Cycloid feature Cloud Cost Estimation is based on TerraCost. It’s built into our self-service portal and you’ll see it in tools like StackForms, predicting the cost of a new deployment as you configure it through a simple webform.


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Check out TerraCost
And get advanced knowledge of your computing costs.