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Allocate private cloud resources and limit cloud usage with Quota Management


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When several teams share private cloud resources on a self-service portal, there is a concern that one team could use more than its fair share of resources.

Cycloid’s Quota Management takes care of this concern by providing unobtrusive governing constraints to limit resource consumption by the team. No more manual resource tracking, overspending, or helicopter management - when you set resource quotas for private cloud (Nutanix, VMWare) in advance and control exactly who can consume what.



Discreet control

Find the right balance between control and autonomy - it’s a win/win for both the head of IT and the end-users.


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Empowering your team

With the necessary guardrails in place, end-users are free to innovate without fear.


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Scaling DevOps

Save time and effort on manual ticketing and take a huge step towards further automation.


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