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Moving at DevOps speed, striking with legacy power - adopt true platform engineering at scale and become a market leader with Cycloid.

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The challenge

cloud copyDevOps adoption requires a full-scale cultural change


cloud toolsYou can’t hire enough DevOps engineers


save money iconAge-old silos - of process, tools, and culture - are hindering progress

While you struggle, smaller DevOps-first competitors gain ground

Enterprises find it difficult to change. When you consider global strategy, the ability to execute, your competitive advantage, target market, and your team, it can seem like making a move - any move - throws up constant roadblocks.

DevOps and hybrid cloud are the keys to change. They’ll leverage your existing culture, work on change management, attract, retain and upskill talented people and govern and optimize the way those people use your tools and the cloud.

You can’t afford to take an ad hoc approach to this intimidating task, but with the right platform to support your goals, you will find a way to do it.


Look after the cultural reorganization and the DevOps revolution will look after itself

devops wanted

There were 143,510 DevOps vacancies worldwide in May 2024, according to data from LinkedIn.


Why Cycloid?

Your org, your rules, your way

When you roll out DevOps across a vast organization, you need to do things your way. The bigger and older your company, the more this is true - and Cycloid knows it. You need to be able to bring your chosen tools to maintain people’s workflows and product lifecycle - so Cycloid is totally agnostic. You need to be able to import and export your own automation - Cycloid will never lock you in. Finally, you need to set up teams and permissions in the way that makes the most sense for you - and modules like Teams/Custom roles and InfraPolicies will do just that.

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Fewer new DevOps, better use of the ones you have

The search for more DevOps engineers is one of the biggest challenges for enterprise companies - we hear it again and again. But you don’t need an army of new engineers - you just need a talented few who have the time and mental space to improve automation and evangelize like they’re meant to. With modules like StackForms and Cost Estimation, end-users like ops engineers, developers, and solution architects can “do DevOps”, rather than waiting for the DevOps team to do the heavy lifting. In turn, with a drastically reduced ticket load, your DevOps will finally be able to focus on what really matters.

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More collaboration will break down silos

The only way you’re going to destroy the organizational anti-patterns you’ve identified is by ensuring teams are primed for easy, smooth collaboration. A lot of this work is on you, but once you’ve made your move, the tools you use will see it succeed or fail. Cycloid’s features are designed for across-the-board collaboration, GitOps by design for those who want it, and bottom-up transparency, bringing accessibility to those who would otherwise have to raise a ticket but full flexibility to those who truly understand the infra.

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You don’t need an army of new engineers, you need to maximize the ones you have



DevOps business value - can you make
the case to the c-suite?

An ungated cheatsheet to give you some ideas about how to present DevOps-first metrics to a non-tech audience.

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Life the Cycloid way

New old tech

control your cloud costs

You don’t have to throw legacy infra away - transform it so it serves you on your new journey.

Empowered teams


Work smart, not hard - give your DevOps engineers the right tools to collaborate and reach full potential in a new, improved cultural environment.

Change at scale

deploy faster

Enable stable change at every stage of software development and watch your org transform.


You don’t need to revolutionize a department, you need to change a legacy

You don’t need to revolutionize a department, you need to change a legacy
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