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Flexible plans
for a flexible product

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Get access to Cycloid engineering platform for a minimum fee*

  • 24/7 support & 1 hour SLA
  • Quarterly meetings with a dedicated customer success manager
  • Updates and security fixes
  • White Label Portal


*In addition to your custom scalable plan. Request a custom quote.

Monthly Yearly


No commitment.
Save 17% with the annual plan
billed annually
Interact with tools, cloud and automation without having to become an expert

Available modules:
Stacks, Stackforms

Offer users a service catalogue of pre-designed, pre-configured stacks

CI/CD Pipelines

Centralize all deployments and orchestrate virtually anything


A centralized visual representation of your infrastructure

Audit logs
Cloud Cost Estimation

Predict the likely cost of any Terraform-defined infrastructure

Cloud Cost Management

Get cloud cost optimization recommendations

Cloud Carbon Footprint

Get accurate cloud computing emissions data

Single sign-on: Github, Google, OpenID, Azure AD, SAML v2

Platform Teams

No commitment.
Save 17% with the annual plan
billed annually
Build your own opinionated platform and enjoy complete control over governance, observability, FinOps and GreenOps.

Available modules:
Stacks, Stackforms
CI/CD Pipelines
Pipelines Overview
Inventory & Quota management
Logs, Events
Cloud Cost Estimation
Cloud Cost Management
Cloud Carbon Footprint
Credentials, InfraPolicies
Team management
Role based access control
Multi-organization & customer view
Infra Import

Industrialize manually deployed infra by automatically creating IaC

Single sign-on: Github, Google, OpenID, Azure AD, SAML v2

Pricing FAQ

It is a named subscription.

The standard monthly platform fee is €2500/$2750 but this depends on the size of your organization. Please contact us for more details. 

You attach your cloud account (AWS, GCP, Azure...) to the Cycloid organization and we charge you at no extra cost, based on your cloud consumption, on a monthly basis.

Our Cloud pricing plans are only available if you host at least part of your infrastructure on public clouds. It depends on the volume. Please contact us for more information. 

Yes, add 20% to the subscription.

One month access to all the functionalities in Cycloid Unlimited SaaS.

Cycloid has been designed from the beginning with an API. The frontend being written in Javascript only, all that you can do with the Frontend can also be done using the API. All the API specifications have been written in Swagger format so the API documentation is automatically generated and always up to date.

If you're interested in the Enterprise or Unlimited packages, we usually provide a 15% discount for the public sector and non-profit organizations. Contact us for more information.

We manage the console, the API, the MYSQL/Postgres Database and the Concourse engine, but the customer will have to host the Concourse worker since we don’t host any applications / workers.

You deploy all the Cycloid modules on the Cloud account of your choice and you manage it. We don’t have access to it anymore. It could be deployed on instances or Kubernetes. 

  • Cycloid core (1 container for the Frontend, 1 container for the API, 1 MySQL database)
  • Vault (1 container)
  • Concourse (1 medium PostgreSQL instance, 1 medium instance for Concourse Engine, 1 or multiple instances for the worker of Concourse depending on the parallel deployment and the need of resources)
  • (optional) Monitoring (1 small instance for Prometheus and Grafana depending on your workload)

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