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Flexible plans
for a flexible product

Select the right plan and user types for your organization



For small teams

  • SaaS platform access
  • Standard 8am-5pm support
  • Regular updates, upgrades and security fixes

For medium organizations
Everything in Starter, plus: 

  • Multi-organisation
  • Team management tools
  • White-label portal
  • Advanced 24/7 support
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

For large orgs with complex needs
Everything in advanced, plus: 

  • Self-hosted / Dedicated SaaS / Marketplace
  • Premium 24/7 support with SLA
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Volume discounts
  • “Pay as you go” pricing model on request

How our pricing works

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Flexible pricing model


Our pricing model comprises a fixed fee - determined by which plan you choose - and a per-user fee that varies depending on the type of user. 


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User-centric billing


As the monthly fee for end-users is lower, you can safely scale and grant access to a wide range of participants involved in your workflows.

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Host it your way


Our Enterprise plan allows you to deploy Cycloid 'on prem' on your own servers and comply with any additional security requirements you may have. 

User Types


Design, build and optimize your projects while respecting
best practices & the planet.

Available modules:

Platform Teams

Build and manage your own opinionated platform.

All modules from End-user +

  • Credentials management
  • Pipelines overview
  • Quota management
  • Events
  • Infra Import
  • Infra Policies
  • API keys
  • Team Management
  • Role based access control
  • Multi-organization & customer view

Pricing FAQ

It is a named subscription.

Yes, add 20% to the subscription.

You'll have a 15 day access to all the functionalities in Cycloid Unlimited SaaS. If you require more testing time, speak with your customer success manager (CSM) to get an extension. During the free trial, you will have dedicated progress calls with the CSM. 

Cycloid has been designed from the beginning with an API. The frontend being written in Javascript only, all that you can do with the Frontend can also be done using the API. All the API specifications have been written in Swagger format so the API documentation is automatically generated and always up to date.

We manage the console, the API, the MYSQL/Postgres Database and the Concourse engine, but the customer will have to host the Concourse worker since we don’t host any applications / workers.

You deploy all the Cycloid modules on the Cloud account of your choice and you manage it. We don’t have access to it anymore. It could be deployed on instances or Kubernetes. 

  • Cycloid core (1 container for the Frontend, 1 container for the API, 1 MySQL database)
  • Vault (1 container)
  • Concourse (1 medium PostgreSQL instance, 1 medium instance for Concourse Engine, 1 or multiple instances for the worker of Concourse depending on the parallel deployment and the need of resources)
  • (optional) Monitoring (1 small instance for Prometheus and Grafana depending on your workload)

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