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Reduce time-consuming
tasks and tickets

Bring DevOps-first practices
to your infra and SDLC

Don't let tedious tasks ruin your zen

It’s easy to imagine that deployment is the meat of your projects, but those in the weeds know that it’s the myriad tasks you do every day that have the potential to lift you up or pull you down. Our management features allow you to follow up on everything that happens between the design, build, and run process, bringing you all the insight without all the opened tabs!

We reduce the day-to-day tasks and tickets that are time-consuming, laborious, or just downright tedious by offering accessibility, flexibility, and 360º visibility for end-users. This makes life easier for devs, ops, and managers, ensuring business value and best case practice by tweaking the tasks, and not the people.

These are the tools that will help you do that.

KPIs provide visibility and data in a single view.

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs provide interesting metrics about your projects. Some KPIs are based on Concourse, while others are based on events. You’ll configure them to report on things like pipelines, jobs, deployment, and code coverage - right now there are 5 KPIs to choose from, but more will be coming soon.

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InfraView provides up-to-date visibility into your infrastructure. Your whole team can see exactly what's going on.

Use InfraView to get a visual representation of the infrastructures deployed on your project's different environments and inspect the Terraform state information for each instance. The goal is simple: build bridges between teams by providing maintenance-free and up-to-date diagrams that everyone can understand.

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Cost Estimation predicts the likely cost of any Terraform-defined infrastructure.

Cost Estimation automatically gives you insight into the total cost of your deployments - before you actually deploy them and without having to add them up manually. Offering visibility, transparency, and governance, it’s a feature that helps devs as much as it does managers. Cost Estimation uses your Terraform plan to automatically output the cost of resources and how that cost evolves from one deployment to the next.

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Events provide a single, usable interface to track multiple logs.

Events provide a single place to track what’s going on over multiple sources. Choose your preferred backend, such as ELK, Cloudwatch Logs, etc., and plug it into Cycloid to centralize logs on a simple, unified interface. Cycloid automatically produces events like project creation and pipeline triggers, but if your organization needs more, you can use our API to create and send your own events.

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Secrets uses Vault to handle and access secrets, credentials, and more.

Secrets provide transparent and secure handling and allow you to centralize your valuable information and secrets - like API keys, AWS IAM/STS credentials, SQL/NoSQL databases, X.509 certificates, and SSH credentials - while providing projects with secure access through HashiCorp's managed, open-source Vault.

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