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Power in simplicity with StackForms


Give your users controlled access to your DevOps automation and reduce tickets by up to 70% in Cycloid’s self-service portal.


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What is StackForms? 

Take this typical use case: a developer wants to configure a new environment, but choosing variables and knowing permissions requires specialist knowledge - and often the help of your DevOps team. This slows down deployment and draws your team’s focus away from what’s important.

StackForms is a self-service developer portal that acts as the glue between your environments in order for your services to work end-to-end. Here's an example: one Cycloid project could deploy a landing zone with network while another Cycloid project would deploy compute and storage, where the end-user would be able to select a previously deployed landing zone. It's that easy! 

Why StackForms? 


Efficiency at its core

Allow your end-users to serve themselves independently, without DevOps intervention.

  • Create environments without specialist knowledge
  • Improved UX for better developer experience
  • Validate end-user values with a regular expression for the best quality
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Built-in governance

DevOps engineers have total control over permissions, values, Stacks and lists of variables or scenarios. 

  • Limit team members to approved tools and services
  • Estimate costs before deployment
  • Build option lists for dropdown, auto-complete or radio buttons with external tools and API
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Powerful tech behind simple design

The easy-to-use interface covers up the more complex “nuts and bolts” underneath.

  • Compatible with Terraform, Ansible and all major orchestration technologies
  • Wide range of widgets and variables
  • Conditional fields and dynamic values
  • Powerful validation rules
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