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Power in simplicity with StackForms


Give your users controlled access to your DevOps automation and reduce tickets by up to 70% in Cycloid’s self-service portal.


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What is StackForms? 

Take this typical use case: a developer wants to configure a new environment, but choosing variables and knowing permissions requires specialist knowledge - and often the help of your DevOps team. This slows down deployment and draws your team’s focus away from what’s important.

StackForms conceals governance and complex tech behind a simple user-friendly interface so that your devs can configure environments autonomously while your DevOps team enjoy a peace of mind.

Why StackForms? 


Efficiency at its core

While your devs take care of their needs autonomously, DevOps can focus on what matters.

  • Create environments without specialist knowledge
  • Improved UX for better developer experience
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Built-in governance

DevOps engineers have total control over permissions, values, Stacks and lists of variables or scenarios. 

  • Limit team members to approved tools and services
  • Estimate costs before deployment
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Powerful tech behind simple design

The easy-to-use interface covers up the more complex “nuts and bolts” underneath.

  • Compatible with any YAML or Terraform-based tech
  • Wide range of widgets and variables
  • Conditional fields
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