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Where autonomy meets governance

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Offer accessibility, retain governance

Mixed teams are great for progress, but different specialties mean that when it comes to creating and editing environments, some profiles are at a disadvantage. Instead of raising tickets, asking for help, or simply doing it wrong, give team members an alternative way to work: StackForms

For end users, StackForms are a user-friendly way to configure environments and edit running ones without needing to edit config files or understand terraform or YAML. The important decisions have already been made and the variables on offer are presented through easy-to-use forms.

For DevOps engineers and solution architects, StackForms's beauty lies in its ability to conceal governance behind a simple facade. Use any HCL or YAML-based tech to facilitate environments that truly work for your particular situation. Once you've chosen, present the options to users via a variety of customizable widgets, allowing them to self-serve basic environments and leaving you free to concentrate on more pressing concerns.


  • Create and configure environments without specialist knowledge
  • Limit team members to approved tools and services
  • Compatible with any YAML or HCL-based tech
  • Expert users have more complex alternative