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Cycloid for FinOps & GreenOps Management


Take complete control over your cloud usage, including costs, cloud carbon footprint, and resources, in Cycloid’s FinOps + GreenOps module.


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Cycloid founder Ben's article about Cloud Waste →

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The challenge

cloud copyManual reporting slows down processes


cloud toolsExisting FinOps solutions don’t offer true carbon footprint visibility


save money iconLack of price estimation lets unexpected costs mount up

Tick-tock goes the money clock..

No business can afford to ignore cloud costs and waste and let’s be honest - until now it’s been a messy business. Cloud expense data is spread across different providers’ interfaces, each with its own reporting system, so viewing them all in a centralized manner is nearly impossible. Getting your cloud carbon footprint is even harder - at best, all you get are estimations and, at worst, incorrect or delayed data. That's why we added our FinOps solution within our platform

If you’re looking to take real control of your cloud usage and reduce cloud waste and your carbon footprint, you’ll be pleased to learn that Cycloid has something else to offer you.


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Look after the pennies so the business value can look after itself!

Why Cycloid?


Cost prediction built-in from the ground up

Wouldn’t it be nice to see how much you’re spending before deployment?  Cycloid’s Cloud Cost Estimation - based on our open-source FinOps feature TerraCost - estimates the price of an infrastructure based on the related Terraform and is integrated into Pipelines and StackForms. Avoid unpleasant surprises by letting your end-users see the cost of their deployment before they hit run, and create a culture of shared business responsibility on your teams.

cost estimation with zoom

True cost visibility

Centralize and monitor all your cloud expenses in a single place. Our built-in Cloud Cost Management module gives you a graphical representation of your costs in a single panel view which you can filter by project, provider (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform), tag, region, date, and more.

cloud carbon management feature

Reduce cloud waste

An average company wastes 40% of its (contracted and paid for) cloud resources... Not only is this financially inefficient, but it’s also very harmful to the environment. Our FinOps module comes with a built-in Cloud Carbon Footprint feature that allows you to take a deeper look at your cloud carbon emissions and take better, environmentally-conscious decisions when it comes to cloud consumption.

dashboard showing cloud carbon footprint data

Asset management made easy

Never lose another gigabyte! Our Asset Inventory module allows you to view all your public and private cloud resources in a single panel, so you know exactly how much has been used by project, team, provider and more. Worrying about overusing private cloud resources? Create resource quotas in Quota Management and allocate private cloud assets (Nutanix, VMWare) per team.

asset inventory screenshot

Cloud costs are the very last thing you should leave to chance




Closer monitoring

control your cloud costs

No more prescriptive cost control or unexpected expenses - if everyone’s responsible for cost management, nothing gets lost in translation.

Greater visibility

improve visibility

Transparency and collaboration lead to better cloud decisions and safer innovation.

Reduced costs

deploy faster

When you know exactly what you’re spending on and the cloud carbon impact of your deployments, you can take steps towards reducing it. 


FinOps can’t be the weakest link if you’re really set on success - find a better way

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