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Cycloid for FinOps


Don't let unexpected cloud costs stop you from achieving success. Know how much you're spending - or are about to spend - with Cycloid's FinOps management module.

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Cycloid founder Ben's article about Cloud Waste →

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The challenge

cloud copyDevs can’t monitor what they can’t see


cloud toolsExisting FinOps solutions don’t offer true visibility


save money iconLack of price estimation lets unexpected costs mount up

Tick-tock goes the money clock...

No matter what way you look at it, cloud cost control is tough. It has to be done - if you’re smaller, you might try a low-tech approach, like spreadsheets, and if you’re bigger, there’s a good chance you’ve already opted for a FinOps tool.

But both these approaches have their problems - the spreadsheet is prone to error and doesn’t exactly offer bells and whistles, while the standalone tool never works quite right and often leads to workarounds that are the very opposite of agile.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’ll be pleased to learn that Cycloid has something else to offer you.


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Why Cycloid?


Monitoring and prediction built-in from the bottom up

Caring about cloud cost management is everyone’s job, but it must happen automatically, and not be something that needs to be specially scheduled or the responsibility of one poor sucker. Cycloid knows this and has built cost monitoring into our platform so it happens constantly and automatically, and is available to all. Cost Estimation estimates the price of an infrastructure based on the related Terraform and is integrated into Pipelines and StackForms.

Devs can autonomously manage costs

One person with all the FinOps power isn’t the DevOps way. It’s even likely to be causing unnecessary disruption to the value stream. Instead, Cycloid lets anyone interacting with the infra (even non-expert devs) see how much their planned changes will cost, and use that information to make better decisions. Autonomy is a key element of DevOps, and we don’t think it should stop when it comes to getting the bill.

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True visibility throughout the SDLC

Visibility is important to us here at Cycloid and we strive to make the SDLC as visible as possible to as many stakeholders as possible. Traditionally, this hasn’t been easy, as not all stakeholders have the same understanding of the infra. But we’ve persisted, and the result of that is a platform that’s remarkably accessible. From being able to see the graphical representation and cost of your infrastructure on each cloud provider (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc.) through InfraView, to the WYSIWYG interface of StackForms, team members can see and interact with parts of the infra they never thought possible.

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Cloud costs are the very last thing you should leave to chance


Life the Cycloid way


Cost control

control your cloud costs

No more prescriptive cost control or unexpected expenses - if everyone’s responsible for cost management, nothing gets lost in translation.

Greater visibility

improve visibility

Transparency and collaboration lead to better cloud decisions and safer innovation.

Exponential growth

deploy faster

Autonomous devs make for leading-edge growth and faster software delivery.


FinOps can’t be the weakest link if you’re really set on success - find a better way

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