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Cycloid - Platform Engineering

Build your own opinionated platform with Git-based and lock-free engineering modules to improve your developer self-service, governance, deployment, observability and FinOps.


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The challenge

cloud copyNeed for control when empowering end-users with automation, tools, and cloud


cloud toolsLack of expertise to scale hybrid cloud and DevOps efficiently


save money iconDo-it-yourself versus product: finding the golden middle

In the same way that an engineering platform prevents developer teams from reinventing the wheel, you should avoid falling into the same trap. Building an engineering platform from scratch and maintaining it over time is a challenge, so why not give yourself some help and consider an off-the-shelf solution? Get the best of both worlds: do-it-yourself with industry expertise.

Bring together your deep knowledge of your organizational needs and processes with Cycloid’s DevOps and hybrid cloud expertise and create an opinionated platform that will propel your business forward - fast, secure, and simple.



Whether or not you already have an internal platform, Cycloid’s Git-based, API-first approach and lock-free modules can easily complement your existing ecosystem and streamline the software delivery process.


Why Cycloid?


Empower teams through developer self-service

Developer self-service is the heart of your internal developer platform (IDP) that allows end-users to manage application and infrastructure configurations autonomously and dynamically. Cycloid can automate and reproduce your infrastructure and application parameters and hide them behind a simple web form so that your dev teams can service themselves regardless of their technical skill.

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Enable cloud governance

The trick to a successful engineering platform is controlled flexibility. Get the balance right between transparency and security - design your own opinionated platform with RBAC, manage multiple organizations, InfraPolicy, and drift control to impose safeguards seamlessly in the background, without disrupting the software delivery flow.

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Control cloud waste with FinOps + GreenOps

Complete your internal solution with an off-the-shelf FinOps & GreenOps module that gives you an integrated overview of all your cloud spending per organization, account, project, provider, team, and more, including budgeting, approval, and quota management. Share the business responsibility by letting developers estimate the cost of their new deployment before they hit run and keep an eye on your cloud consumption carbon footprint.


Let your teams build, deploy and operate their own applications without Cloud and DevOps supervision - which is what DevOps is all about.


Life the Cycloid way


Transform your IT department as an enabler of innovation:

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Enable developer self-service across your organization and speed up time-to-market and time-to-release.

Bring foundational stability and flexibility

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Keep your processes, automation, and cloud standardized and repeatable, maintained by you, and used by anyone.

Improve Developer Experience

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Give your developers the best developer experience and attract new talent to help them focus on what matters most.


Platform engineering may be a fresh trend, but improving operational efficiency through a developer platform has been Cycloid’s focus for years.

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