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Cycloid for Platform Teams

Accelerate your platform engineering delivery and integrate a self-service portal that creates sustainable value for your whole organization and improves end-user experience.


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The challenge

cloud copyBuilding your own internal developer platform takes too long


cloud toolsLack of expertise to scale platform engineering efficiently


save money iconWider teams are struggling to adopt the platform

Platform engineering rollout can be very slow: from modernizing legacy processes to building a centralized internal developer platform, it takes on average 3 years to start seeing results if you build it yourself. It’s hard to get people excited about a new platform if they can’t enjoy its benefits right away.

Cycloid helps to build a stable foundation for platform engineering by modernizing infrastructure with a GitOps-by-design approach that speeds up automation. Combined with the awesome user experience of an out-of-the-box self-service portal, it accelerates platform adoption by customers (your end-users). Bring flexibility, stability, and simplicity to your infrastructure.



A third of companies struggle with platform engineering adoption among wider teams. Source: State of DevOps Report 2023


Why Cycloid?


Empower teams through self-service

Developer self-service is the heart of your internal developer portal (IDP) allowing end-users to manage application and infrastructure configurations autonomously and dynamically. Cycloid automates your infrastructure and application parameters and hides them behind a simple web form we call StackForms so that your dev teams can service themselves regardless of their technical skill.

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Modernize your infrastructure

Successful platform engineering starts with the right foundations. Step into the future with a user-friendly GitOps-by-design approach, allowing anyone with any skill level to build and monitor CI/CD pipelines. Already got manual infra? Not a problem - our Infra Import module rapidly industrializes manually deployed infra as Infra-as-Code and builds stable and sustainable automation on the fly for faster platform engineering adoption.

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Enable cloud governance

The trick to a successful engineering platform is controlled flexibility. Get the balance right between transparency and security - design your own opinionated platform with RBAC, manage multiple organizations, InfraPolicy, and drift management to impose safeguards seamlessly in the background without disrupting the flow of software delivery.

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Whether or not you already have an internal platform, Cycloid’s Git-based, API-first approach and lock-free modules can easily complement today your existing ecosystem and streamline the software delivery process.


The Benefits


Foster adoption across all departments

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Centralize your internal platform and deliver value to every aspect of your org.

Bring foundational stability and flexibility

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Keep your processes, automation, and cloud standardized and repeatable, maintained by you, and usable by anyone.

Improve End-user Experience

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Give your end-users the best developer experience and attract new talent to help them focus on what matters most.


Platform engineering may be a hot trend right now, but improving operational efficiency through a developer platform has been Cycloid’s focus for years.

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