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A one-stop-shop for all your Cloud Cost Management needs


See exactly how, where, and when your cloud budget is being spent - no extra FinOps tools needed.


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Say goodbye to...

  • Manual reporting
  • Low visibility
  • Unexpected cloud bills

And welcome...

  • Cycloid’s Cloud Cost Management,
    a one-of-a-kind built-in FinOps
    module for DevOps and
    Hybrid Cloud.

All your cloud providers in one place


Centralize and monitor all your expenses from one interface.

  • Supports AWS, Azure, GCP
  • All your providers in one place
  • Additional providers added on request
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A granular breakdown of your expenses


No more unexpected costs - see exactly what you are spending per project.

  • Graphical representation of your costs
  • Filter by account, project, date, tag, region, provider, etc.
  • Manage multiple organizations
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Comprehensive custom reporting


Easily set and manage cloud commissions and custom pricing.

  • Project view
  • Automatic tagging
  • Ability to add custom pricing
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Part of your platform engineering ecosystem


Cloud Cost Management doesn’t come alone - it brings a whole revolution with it!


Cloud Cost Management is part of Cycloid, which means that you're not only tracking costs, but also speeding up delivery with an end-to-end DevOps platform. Explore how you can leverage DevOps to roll out Hybrid cloud and enable continuous deployment in your org.

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3 benefits

Centralize your cloud costs

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Get visibility of your expenses

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Take back cloud control

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