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Cycloid for End-Users & Developers


Relieve the pressure of interacting with infrastructure and bring focus back to what you do best.


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The challenge

cloud copyAdditional responsibilities take focus away from your main job


cloud toolsCompanies require you to upskill but don't provide support


save money iconDe-centralised tooling creates silos and slows down delivery

The IT world is accelerating and traditional ways of working - platform teams and DevOps on one side and end-users on the other - are changing. You’re now tasked with servicing complex cloud infrastructures, and managing toolchains and applications, as well as your regular duties. Instead of speeding up business, it slows delivery down.

What if you could relieve the cognitive load of interacting with infrastructure and cloud, and refocus your work on what you love doing?


illustration of the number 28

is the average number of tools developers have to deal with daily according to Gitlab's DevSecOps 2021 report - it’s time to automate.

Why Cycloid?


Self-service for everyone

Cycloid brings DevOps automation to everyone, no matter your skill level. With our self-service portal StackForms you can configure environments via simple webforms and edit running ones without needing to understand terraform or YAML. The important decisions have already been made for you - just pick a variable and away you go!

StackForms with cost estimation

UX for your DevX

The market seriously neglects user experience for end-users, leaving you with half-baked, complex solutions that often require specialist knowledge to even figure out. Cycloid centralizes your tools and stacks in a simple visual platform, so you take care of your needs autonomously (and have a better time doing it!)


Upskill and upgrade

You don’t need to become a DevOps engineer to enjoy the benefits of a DevOps approach. When the automation is set up and tooling that encourages cross-role behavior is in place, you’ll find yourself empowered with DevOps-like abilities - without having to worry about how to interact with your infra!

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We don’t need to scale down the tech - we need to scale up the experience.


Life the Cycloid way


Improved end-user experience

automation icon

Servicing your infra and cloud needs autonomously is easy.

Empowered devs

empowering devs illustration

You don’t have to be a DevOps expert to have DevOps-like abilities.

Efficient delivery

deploy faster

No more wasting time managing toolchains - innovate and deliver without obstacles.


Adopting an engineering platform that brings tools together in a single application for collaboration, visibility, and faster TTM makes for happier devs - and happier management.

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