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Project Lifecycle and Resource Management


Elevate your productivity and gain a competitive edge through smart management of your Infra-as-code and resources


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Achieve resource management zen

Infra-as-code is an integral part of any successful platform engineering strategy, but too many times it is fraught with security issues, unnecessary complexity, and low scalability. Cycloid’s IaC and resource management tools help you manage all your projects and pipelines in a single place, visualize your global multi-cloud assets, and safeguard your infrastructure through built-in policies. Drive success by optimizing your resources and staying ahead with cutting-edge management techniques!

Asset Inventory displays all your public and private cloud assets

Asset Inventory allows you to get a 360 view of all your hybrid cloud resources in a single interface and filter by team, provider, and project. It integrates with major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, GCP, VMWare and Nutanix. Gain unprecedented visibility into your assets!

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InfraView provides up-to-date visibility into your infrastructure. Your whole team can see exactly what's going on.

Use InfraView to get a visual representation of the infrastructures deployed on your project's different environments and inspect the Terraform state information for each instance. The goal is simple: build bridges between teams by providing maintenance-free and up-to-date diagrams that everyone can understand.

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Quota Management

Quota Management provides unobtrusive governing constraints to limit resource consumption by the team. No more manual resource tracking, overspending, or helicopter management - when you set resource quotas for private cloud (Nutanix, VMWare) in advance and control exactly who can consume what.

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KPIs provide visibility and data in a single view.

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs provide interesting metrics about your projects. Some KPIs are based on Concourse, while others are based on events. You’ll configure them to report on things like pipelines, jobs, deployment, and code coverage - right now there are 5 KPIs to choose from, but more will be coming soon.

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Events provide a single, usable interface to track multiple logs.

Events provide a single place to track what’s going on over multiple sources. Choose your preferred backend, such as ELK, Cloudwatch Logs, etc., and plug it into Cycloid to centralize logs on a simple, unified interface. Cycloid automatically produces events like project creation and pipeline triggers, but if your organization needs more, you can use our API to create and send your own events.

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Secrets uses Vault to handle and access secrets, credentials, and more.

Secrets provide transparent and secure handling and allow you to centralize your valuable information and secrets - like API keys, AWS IAM/STS credentials, SQL/NoSQL databases, X.509 certificates, and SSH credentials - while providing projects with secure access through HashiCorp's managed, open-source Vault.

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InfraPolicies and more

InfraPolicies are a TerraForm-based implementation of Policy as Code that provide fine-grained control over changes to an organization's infrastructures while simultaneously defining validation rules. Later on, tools like StackForms and TerraCost will allow you to define limits that are automatically deployed, freeing your ops from watchdog duties and preventing inadvertent problems.

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