Flexibility and governance
at your fingertips

Building the right stack can be complicated

And it’s riddled with other issues: it’s not very user-friendly and it can be hard to get custom configuration just right. Service Catalog seeks to overcome this by providing a catalog of pre-designed, pre-configured stacks. Pick one and away you go.

Offering your users service templates makes sense, but as it stands today, the process isn’t user-friendly. The least-effort approach is to create custom templates and store them on Git where everyone can access them. As soon as people start wanting changes or modifications, however, this low-effort approach gets complicated.


Service catalog was created with this in mind. We wanted to give users a choice when choosing new resources while ensuring that they exercise that choice with maximum governance. It’s a multi-cloud service that uses a GitOps approach to ensure that experts have access to what they need, but that everyone respects best practice and compliance.

Servive catalog

From an administrator’s point of view, you’ll easily be able to configure the services to your requirements, creating a catalog of options that fit various needs and which can be applied consistently across projects and teams to ensure best practice. Service Catalog offers a selection of stacks that have been created by our community, and private ones, where you store reusable resources that you’ve created for your team.

service catalog


  • Maintain governance when others use resources
  • Make the process simpler with pre-created options
  • Set your own custom rules and variables
  • Enjoy version control and factorization

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