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Flexibility, autonomy, and governance with Stacks


Preconfigure user-friendly Stacks that allow your devs to choose approved and suitable infra configurations from a custom service catalog that’s made to measure.


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A service catalog that’s owned and governed by you


A better way to do self-service

Say goodbye to...

  • Expert-only config process
  • Inflexible Git templates
  • Lack of governance and observability

And hello to...

  • Stacks that allow you to easily reproduce automation parameters across environments
    encouraging best practice and compliance in a full GitOps approach.

Faster deployment


Reduce time-to-market and eliminate human error with pre-configured, up-to-date, and validated Stack options.

  • Easy configuration process
  • Access to public and private stacks
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Managed flexibility


Bring flexibility to your end-users while ensuring governance by offering a private service catalog created by and for your teams.

  • Custom rules and variables
  • Version control and factorization
  • Different scenarios/use cases for one Stack
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Zero lock-in


Own your automation and deploy anywhere.

  • Reproducibility between different environments
  • Automation stored in your Git repository
  • Deploy on traditional hosting, public and private cloud, Kubernetes, PaaS, etc.
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Stacks in detail

Dive deeper into the technology behind Stacks or see our list of popular repositories on GitHub.

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