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Cycloid for Managed Service Providers


Partner with a trusted engineering platform that will support you every step of your IT and digital transformation journey - both for you and your clients.  

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The challenge

cloud copyLow visibility between client and organization


cloud toolsLack of cloud and resource governance tools


save money iconSlow product delivery

Keeping up with the complex world of DevOps, hybrid cloud, and FinOps, where your clients demand more creative and sophisticated solutions, is tough, and sometimes all you need is a little support along the way. Finding the right partner organization that has the finger on the pulse of new technologies and approaches can alleviate the pressure and provide a stable, tried and tested service your customers would want. 

Boosting productivity, increasing profitability, and enhancing governance - that’s the goal for you, your clients, and the Cycloid platform.


Add Cycloid to your customer value proposition and open up new doors


Why Cycloid?


We’re built on true collaboration

A self-service portal will break down the silos between you and your clients, speed up work, and allow both parties to see the progress that DevOps can bring. By letting developers service infra independently, you’re alleviating the pressure from those members of the team who focus on creating progress and finding the best possible solution for your client - not to mention the attractive value proposition for future customers! 

cycloid self-service portal

Cloud management done right

Cycloid gives you complete control over your hybrid clouds, from role-based access to resources and costs. Set minimal privileges for users in Infra Policies, keep track of resources in Asset Inventory, and set your own cloud margins while getting a holistic overview of your spending in Cloud Cost Management.

cloud cost management and greenops data

Controlled accessibility underlies everything we do

Make your pipeline more accessible to certain members while simultaneously embedding control. Get a structured overview of your organizations in a centralized hub and open up the delivery process to anyone if your or your customer’s org - while the limits and controls you’ve imposed are practically imperceptible to the end-user.

governance screenshot

Collaboration is the key to progress




Improved collaboration

control your cloud costs

Help your clients progress and scale with DevOps best practices.

No more silos

improve visibility

Break down silos and open up the SDLC for faster software delivery.

Enhanced governance

deploy faster

Secure the process by controlling who has access to the pipeline, what they can do and how much it’s going to cost - all from a single interface.

A “black box approach” for managed services can become a thing of the past

Less reading, more doing
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