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Cycloid for Managed Service Providers


When the “black box” approach is scaring your clients, it’s time to adopt a culture of transparency, collaboration, and governance.

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The challenge

cloud copyA perceived lack of visibility scares would-be clients away


cloud toolsSilos between client and customer slow down and hinder progress


save money iconGiving your clients access endangers governance

Just because you’re an MSP doesn’t mean you’re not interested in DevOps. Quite the opposite - in theory, you know it’s the easiest way to scale your white label solutions and grow your business.

In reality, however, it doesn’t always play out like that. MSPs and their clients often work in silos: the service provider has all the cards, the client does not, and the only option is to trust that you’re both on the same path. But today’s clients aren’t always satisfied with that; they want to be equal partners in the relationship and actively look for an MSP that provides visibility and transparency.

Does yours?


Add Cycloid to your customer value proposition and open up new doors


Why Cycloid?


We’re built on true collaboration

Collaboration will break down the silos between you and your clients, speed up work, and allow both parties to see the progress that DevOps can bring. All our clients have silo problems somewhere, even the ones at an advanced stage of DevOps. MSPs are no exception, but they have the added problem of secondary silos that can form between them and their clients. We’re not going to sugar coat it - Cycloid alone isn’t going to solve your silo problems, but by leveraging tools like StackForms and InfraView to break down barriers and encourage collaboration, you might.

Everything’s designed with visibility in mind

Cycloid’s designed with visibility in mind - it’s a crucial part of our commitment to collaboration (you can’t collaborate on something you can’t even see!). To ensure this visibility, you have several tools at your disposal. Our visibility-related tool par excellence is InfraView. It provides a centralized graphical representation of your infrastructure, letting people without specialized knowledge see the various resources and how they relate to each other. Cost Estimation offers your whole team a view of how their choices are impacting cost.

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Controlled accessibility underlies everything we do

Cycloid operates around the concept of controlled accessibility: combining the two allows true cross-team collaboration, easing ops’ lives by eliminating repetitive tasks and tickets. That means that where we’re making your pipeline more accessible to certain team members, we’re simultaneously embedding control. There’s no better place to see this than in tools and features like KPIs, Cost Estimation, and InfraPolicies, where the limits and controls you’ve imposed are practically imperceptible to the end-user.

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Collaboration is the key to progress




Improved collaboration

control your cloud costs

Help your clients progress and scale with DevOps best practices.

No more silos

improve visibility

Break down silos and open up the SDLC for faster software delivery.

Enhanced governance

deploy faster

Secure the process by controlling who has access to the pipeline, what they can do and how much it’s going to cost - all from a single interface.

A “black box approach” for managed services can become a thing of the past

Less reading, more doing
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