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Cycloid for Executives

Start seeing platform engineering results in record time and build a secure and sustainable future for your organization.


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The challenge

cloud copyIt takes 3 years to start seeing the value of platform engineering


cloud toolsA DIY approach to an internal platform hasn't worked 


save money iconExisting solutions prevent sustainability - sustainability of your infrastructure, budgets and the planet

You understand platform engineering is the way to go, but on average it takes 3 years to see real business value. What if you could accelerate the delivery of platform engineering while securing the sustainability of your investment?

Cycloid will be with you every step of the way to accelerate your platform engineering implementation without compromising on quality. Modernize legacy infrastructure and support your platform team with an exceptional platform.

Now is a great time to get started with platform engineering!


93% of companies believe that platform engineering adoption is a step in the right direction but it takes 3 years to start seeing the benefits. (Source: State of DevOps Report 2023)


Cycloid's approach


Empower your people

Some voices might enthusiastically support an internal solution, but here at Cycloid, we’re not big fans. Why? Businesses often underestimate the time and complexity of building a custom solution. Instead, Cycloid offers end-to-end modules across the product lifecycle that tick far more boxes than an internal solution ever could. Cycloid is run by 20 devs working full time - can your spare enough of your team to do the same?

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Achieve true Hybrid Cloud and DevOps adoption through platform engineering

Platform engineering may take years, but reaching DevOps excellency takes even longer. Cycloid’s platform offers a tangible plan of action to achieve everything DevOps has promised - automation, self-service, continuous delivery, and deployment - in a clear and sustainable way. Combined with a hybrid cloud approach, your agile and flexible business will be prepared for any weather - financial crisis or not.

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Control your bottom line with FinOps + GreenOps

2023 is the year of budget cuts - so take back control of your cloud budget and reduce cloud waste with a FinOps & GreenOps module that gives you an integrated overview of all your cloud spending per organization, account, project, provider, team, and more, including budgeting, approval, and quota management. Share the responsibility by letting developers estimate the cost of their new deployment before they hit run and keep an eye on your cloud consumption carbon footprint.

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Sustainable platform engineering means a faster return on investment and a solid long-term projection.


Life the Cycloid way

Solid foundation

control your cloud costs

Modernize legacy infrastructure and set your business on an accelerated path to success.

Control your cloud consumption

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Take better FinOps & GreenOps decisions - for your budget and the environment.

Profitability and scalability

deploy faster

Platform engineering success in record time and faster ROI.


Unlocking DevOps and Hybrid Cloud across your org, empowering your team with control, and carving out the headspace you need are all within your reach

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