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Cycloid for the C-Level

Take your org to new heights with a supported hybrid cloud and DevOps rollout - empowered, efficient, safe.

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The challenge

cloud copyInternal tools don’t support change management at scale


cloud toolsDevOps rollout requires company-wide reshaping


save money iconDevOps engineers are hard to find
Getting strategic doesn't require the sacrifice you think

As a member of the executive team, people have certain expectations. It’s on you to bring value to the organization and you’re sure DevOps is a great way to do that. But while you’re struggling to roll out DevOps (and perhaps even a simultaneous move to the cloud), time is marching on and opportunities are being lost.

There are lots of reasons why the rollout can slow and even stall - for example, a lack of DevOps engineers, disagreement over tooling, or a subpar understanding of DevOps in the wider team. Even so, a lack of results is a lack of results no matter what the reason. Something has to change.


When you’re in a position of responsibility, risking it all just isn’t an option


Why Cycloid?


We empower your people, not drag them down

Some might enthusiastically support an internal solution, but here at Cycloid, we’re not big fans. Why? Businesses underestimate the complexity of building a custom solution and forget that every minute your engineers spend tweaking it is a minute they don’t spend doing the job you hired them for. Instead, Cycloid offers end-to-end frameworks across the product lifecycle that tick far more boxes than an internal solution ever could. 

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It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it

You don’t need a DevOps army, the right mindset, and, of course, tooling that favors collaboration, automation, and growth. At Cycloid, we’re pretty sure that most organizations don’t need half as many DevOps engineers as they think they do - after all, the aim of DevOps is to automate the SDLC as much as possible. Instead, you need to make sure your (existing) team can make the impact they need to, helping them become autonomous, automated, and highly empowered.

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Hybrid cloud and DevOps are the perfect pair

The future success of your business depends on its ability to scale. In some cases, a hybrid cloud approach is a perfect complement and DevOps is the ideal way to combine the two. It can seem risky, but hybrid cloud will help you scale and DevOps will provide the perfect support to do so efficiently. Cycloid allows you to roll out changes while ensuring those changes are as safe and streamlined as possible, using features like InfraPolicies, Secrets, and Teams and Custom Roles to enable best practice, strong governance, and policy control at scale.


Effortlessly ensure DevOps business value, while you worry about bigger things



DevOps business value - can you make
the case to the c-suite?

An ungated cheatsheet to give you some ideas about how to present your DevOps-first metrics to a non-tech audience.

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Life the Cycloid way

Maximum team efficiency

control your cloud costs

Let your team focus on what matters most and reach their full potential.

No extra hiring


Strategic use of your DevOps engineers means you’ll need fewer - easy on the process and your resources!

Stable progress

deploy faster

Enjoy the freedom to innovate without risk and maintain business value.


Unlocking DevOps, empowering your team, and carving out the headspace you need are all within your reach

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