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Your Cloud Carbon Footprint at a glance


Get accurate cloud computing emissions data together with your cloud costs in Cycloid’s GreenOps module.


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Cloud computing emissions have overtaken the aviation industry, and companies now have an obligation to create better, more sustainable cloud practices. Avoid accusations of simply talking the talk and start walking the walk – take control of your company’s cloud carbon footprint.

I want to...

  • Get accurate cloud emissions data
  • Understand data in human terms
  • Inspire green initiatives

Our Cloud Carbon Footprint feature is embedded within our Cloud Cost Management module and displays factual carbon footprint data alongside your cloud costs. 

Real-time data on your cloud carbon footprint


No more excuses - view the environmental impact of your deployments on the cloud in a simple, visual way.

  • Real-time accurate carbon emissions data
  • Based on your cloud costs
  • Granularity by provider, project, environment, region and more
  • Report on data related to scope 2 of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and prepare ESG reports.
cloud carbon footprint dashboard

Real-world equivalents


Have a human understanding of your carbon footprint with real-world comparisons.

  • See analogical comparisons for every stat
  • Make informed decisions
  • Inspire change on an individual level
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Reduce cloud costs


Adopt a sobriety mindset and stop cloud overspending, saving both your budget and the environment.

  • Transparency at the core
  • Save on paused instances
  • See overtime trends going down
screenshot of cloud costs dashboard

Cloud Carbon Footprint

A quickfire demo of our GreenOps module. 

GreenOps by default


Cloud Carbon Footprint is the only non-optional Cycloid feature. This means you cannot choose to opt-out of carbon footprint data in modules where it’s embedded, like Cloud Cost Management and Cost Estimation. We have a strong stance on environmental issues and believe that everyone should make better planet-friendly decisions. 

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Full visibility over your cloud carbon footprint

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Real-life understanding of the environmental impact

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Better cloud spending control

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Cloud Carbon Footprint is available as a stand-alone solution
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