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Managed CI/CD pipelines


Centralize all your deployments in one tool and orchestrate every pipeline with ease.


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Flexible, accessible and cross-compatible CI/CD pipeline

Cycloid CI/CD enables the creation of immutable pipelines, ensuring that each pipeline job build is based on a defined set of external resources and dependencies. This eliminates issues related to unpredictable changes in resources, providing a stable and reproducible build environment. It’s easy to understand, easy to see, and easy to use.

Reliable, traceable and efficient

Create immutable pipeline workflows from a pre-defined set of external resources and get real-time insight into the pipeline status.

  • Easily set up and modified
  • Comprehensive monitoring and visualization tools
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Track versions of external resources

Always trace back to the exact version of a resource (such as source code versions in your git) used in a specific build.

  • Extensive external resource interaction
  • Integrated within your DevOps environment
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Cross-platform compatible

Connect and manage pipelines running on different platforms, including GitLab CI and Jenkins, without being tied to a specific ecosystem.

  • Containerization support
  • Wide range of plug-ins and integrations
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