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We manage Concourse CI/CD pipelines

Concourse allows you to centralize all deployments in one tool and easily see the pipeline and every task it contains, no matter what your technical background. Everything stays up to date, and the pipeline can be easily modified if you need to make changes.

Given its nature, building a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline can be a complicated, multi-tool process. You may already be using tools like Jenkins and CircleCI, but as you scale and grow a GitOps approach to development, it can be hard to keep things streamlined and visible to all team members.


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Concourse is an open-source thing-doer, and we’ve included it in Cycloid to provide a flexible, accessible, and cross-compatible CI/CD pipeline. It’s managed by Cycloid SaaS or deployed on-premise, but no matter where you’re using it, it will save time and add efficiency to your pipeline. It’s easy to understand, easy to see, and easy to use.

CI/CD pipelines:

  • Give all technical team members visibility of the pipeline
  • Reduce deployment time
  • Orchestrate virtually anything
  • Interoperable with existing pipeline tools
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