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Open-source software

Open source runs through our veins

Supporting the boundless potential of open-source software

Cycloid was founded on a belief that open-source software is a powerful and positive resource that can be used for the betterment of everyone involved in software development. It echoes our values of teamwork, autonomy, and transparency, and is something we are both active users of and enthusiastic contributors to.

The Cycloid platform is based on Linux, Debian, Go, and Vue.js, all of which are open source. That allows us to guarantee that there’s no lock-in when using Cycloid, something that’s of huge importance to us. To keep the open-source cycle going, we contribute to the tools we use - Terraform, Ansible, and Concourse - and have also created open-source versions of several of our key features and are committed to releasing and contributing more in the future.

Currently, we’ve open-sourced TerraCognita, InfraMap and TerraCost. We’ve made these tools available because we’re strong believers in open-source software. Open source is a sleeping giant - it’s full of potential and community-based power and we’re more than happy to play a small role in bringing it and the technologies it offers to a global DevOps audience.

Contributing to the community