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Modernize your infrastructure with Infra Import


Automatically create reverse Terraform from manually-deployed infrastructure and replicate configurations in a service catalog.


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The time to move to IaC is now


You know it, we know it, everybody knows it - the longer you wait, the deeper your business will sink into the quicksand of of issues:

  • Human error
  • Slow deployment
  • Low visibility and governance

Infrastructure-as-Code is the clear solution to legacy tech because it allows you to:

  • Reproduce environments across 1000s of projects automatically
  • Track changes centrally
  • Have better knowledge of your infra

Accelerate hybrid cloud adoption and future-proof your business with your brand-new, modernized infrastructure, automatically generated by Cycloid’s Infra Import.

How does it work?



Scale efficiently

Industrialize your deployments quickly and easily in a reproducible, controlled manner.


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Manage workloads

Eliminate the bus factor and allow your teams to focus on what matters most.



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Apply best practices

Automatically generated Terraform-based stacks always apply pre-defined best practice and help track infrastructure drifts.

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Proud contributors to the open source community

Infra Import is based on our open-source tool, TerraCognita, which creates Terraform files and the related Git modules automatically. Learn more about TerraCognita and Cycloid’s approach to open source.


Read more on TerraCognita

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Future-proof your infrastructure today.
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