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Infra Import (beta)

Rapidly industrialize your deployments
by automatically creating IaC

Industrializing manually-deployed infrastructures can be risky business

Wasted time, errors, and infrastructure drift - that’s what you get for managing your infrastructures through your cloud provider’s console! Even worse, when you need to deploy more complex infrastructures in more complex environments, it’s impossible to scale.

But the alternative isn’t great. Manually creating a Terraform file is error-prone and time-consuming. Sure, if you’re a DevOps engineer, it’s a little less fraught, but becoming a DevOps engineer takes time and, as a wise man once said, takes a very particular set of skills. Instead, DevOps-first organizations need to help non-specialists get started with IaC, maintaining best practices and tight security, and, most importantly of all, saving time for their overburdened DevOps colleagues!

That’s why we created Infra Import, our infrastructure-as-code generator based on our open-source tool, TerraCognita. Connect it to your manually-deployed cloud infrastructure and Infra Import will create your Terraform file and related Git modules. Your existing deployments are back under your control. Once everything’s moving in beautiful harmony, create Stacks to reuse and industrialize your deploys. That’s how Infra Import helps you scale efficiently, in a reproducible and controlled manner, across all your environments.

Your DevOps/Infra team exercises the governance and control they need and end-users regain the autonomy, flexibility, and simplicity they want - everyone wins.

Infra Import

  • Industrialize manually deployed infrastructure quickly and conveniently
  • Regain control and automate deployments
  • Apply best practices around changes - track uncontrolled changes and drift
  • Automatically generated Terraform-based stacks always apply best practice
  • Make it easier for devs to maintain the latest version of Terraform
  • Simplify the creation of modules