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Cycloid for Cloud Sustainability


Encourage sustainable cloud consumption at the orchestration layer

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The current “open bar” approach to cloud infrastructure generates enormous amounts of carbon emissions, wasting valuable planetary resources. In most organizations, sustainability efforts boil down to producing an aftermath report on the environmental impact, and by then it’s too late to change anything. The time to act is now. As a Cloud Sustainability Leader, you can make a difference from the bottom up with Cycloid.


3.7% is the percentage of global carbon emissions generated by cloud computing (that’s more than commercial aviation!)

The Cycloid Way


Real-time reporting

Say goodbye to outdated, inaccurate cloud carbon emissions data from cloud providers. Cycloid’s GreenOps tool embedded within our FinOps module shows a real-time cloud carbon footprint that you can filter by project, location, team, date, and more. Making smarter, more environmentally conscious decisions is easier when you have all the data at your fingertips!

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Quick win for sustainability

Ensuring cloud sustainability can be a daunting task – the IT sector is big, where do you even begin? Pairing your cloud carbon emissions data with FinOps can be a really quick and easy fix. Most cloud waste happens due to inefficient infra usage, so starting from the orchestration layer will put your organization on the right path to sustainability.

Real change across the whole organization

Sustainability doesn’t have to be confined to a single department. Share the responsibility and encourage a culture of sobriety that flows through an organization from the bottom up, enabling smarter, more environmentally conscious cloud consumption decisions at every level of a business.

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Decreasing cloud carbon footprint in the digital world should start from the ground up

The outcome


Sobriety from the bottom-up

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Sustainable best practices that flow across your whole organization

Smarter decisions

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When you have all the necessary data on hand, making an impact is easy

Making a true impact

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Tangible change with quick practical solutions

Want to ensure your cloud usage is sustainable?