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Platform Engineering is DevOps with an action plan


Revolutionize software delivery and bring the best experience to your developers with Cycloid’s engineering platform.


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Cycloid's approach


Cycloid founder Benjamin Brial explains why he created Cycloid


Cycloid is an engineering platform designed to facilitate developer experience, eliminate team silos and accelerate time-to-market speed by providing modules around Governance, Deployment, Operations and FinOps.

Build your own opinionated developer platform and define the governance and the level of flexibility wanted.

Whether or not you already have an internal platform team, Git-based and lock-free Cycloid will easily complement your existing ecosystem and streamline the software delivery process. 

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Platform Engineering


Govern with our devops platform

Platform engineering balances the organization’s need for governance and the techs’ need for flexibility. Silo-free communication and pre-built user role policies are key to harmony in software development and hybrid cloud management.

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It takes autonomous and self-sufficient devs to revolutionize software delivery and speed up TTM. Cycloid provides you with tools that ensure all end-users - regardless of role or experience - can self-service their needs without the need for time-consuming ops supervision.

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Gone are the days of managing in the dark - transparency is key to platform engineering. When you get a 360° view of all your projects, ensuring they are streamlined and automated, delivering best practices and excellent business value becomes easy.

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Cloud waste

Never let cloud costs take you by surprise. Take full control of your infrastructure expenses and know exactly how much you’re spending or are about to spend - including the carbon footprint impact of your cloud usage.

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Who can Cycloid help?

IT management


  • Real governance
  • No more organizational silos
  • Help teams work together
  • End-to-end KPI visibility
  • Cross-organizational policies

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Developer / Solution architect / Traditional Ops

  • Simple and intuitive platform to facilitate DevOps and hybrid cloud adoption
  • Help with level 1 DevOps
  • Interact with tools, cloud, and automation without worrying about breaking anything
  • Your tools, your cloud, your team, and your rules, all in one place
  • Automation done for you

Cycloid for Developers →



  • Save time with fewer tickets
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Boost cross-organizational visibility
  • Contribute to open source
  • Simplify life with our CLI
  • Finally implement best practice
  • Less friction over access to automation

Cycloid for DevOps Engineers →

It's a win/win/win for everyone

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Improve DevX through self-service & make the IT department an enabler not a blocker

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Increase the efficiency of operations by decreasing ticket numbers by 70%

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Reduce time to delivery from design to production: 50% faster

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Control & decrease your cloud spend acceleration by 40%

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