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Encourage better cloud consumption from the bottom up


Unlock DevOps and hybrid cloud, improve DevX, and bring visibility - all while controlling your spending and carbon footprint


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Things need to change...

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3 years is the time it takes to DIY Platform Engineering (before it even starts showing results!)

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With Cycloid things move a lot faster.

A lean business is a green business


Cycloid founder Benjamin Brial explains Cycloid's approach


Platform engineering and sustainability go hand-in-hand because they chase the same goal: smarter cloud usage and smoother operations.

Cycloid Sustainable Platform Engineering brings controlled flexibility to your infrastructure, improves developer experience (DevX), and reduces cloud overconsumption.

By placing sustainability at the orchestration layer through modules dedicated to governance, deployment, operations, and FinOps/GreenOps, our platform encourages a culture of sobriety that flows through your entire organization, making your software delivery more efficient and cost-effective.

5 steps to sustainable platform engineering

Step 1: Define governance

Determine your team’s roles, permissions and center of excellence. Cycloid’s built-in governance features will help you keep track of your new roles and make sure you’re following best practice.

Learn more on governance  →

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Step 2: Set up your service catalog

Selected which services you want to integrate in the service catalog and self-service portal in a full GitOps approach, maintained by your platform team, and allow anyone to interact with tools without expert knowledge.

Deploy with Cycloid  →

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Step 3: Improve observability

Set up Cost Estimation for use in the self-service portal, which allows end-users to see the cost of their new project before it’s deployed.

Operation and observability with Cycloid  →

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Step 4: Plug CI/CD pipelines

Create CI/CD pipelines plugged into your Git that generate templates with embedded automation and tools orchestrated through API.

More on CI/CD pipelines  →

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Step 5: Set up FinOps & GreenOps

Integrate cloud cost management and carbon footprint to keep an eye on your cloud consumption and environmental impact.

Cycloid for FinOps & GreenOps  →

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Unlock cloud sustainability with DevOps best practices for everyone

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  • Reduce cloud consumption and spend
  • See platform engineering success in record time with sustainable ROI
  • Get 360° visibility on projects with KPIs, CI/CD, cloud cost and carbon footprint

See Cycloid for Executives →

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  • Build a self-service portal your team will love
  • Design the right level of governance with policies, roles and permissions
  • Control resource and cloud usage with budgets and quotas

Cycloid for Platform Teams →

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  • Deploy new projects and modify existing ones without expert knowledge
  • Innovate and deliver faster without time-consuming tickets
  • Interact with tools, infra and automation according to best practices

Cycloid for End-users →

It's a win/win/win for everyone

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Improve DevX & end-user experience through self-service & make the IT department an enabler not a blocker

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Increase the efficiency of operations by decreasing ticket numbers by 70%

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Reduce time to delivery from design to production: 50% faster

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Control & decrease your cloud spend acceleration and carbon footprint by 40%

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