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Infra as Code (IaC)


Infra-as-code is a non-negotiable when it comes to modern infrastructure, but implementing it isn’t always as simple as it seems. If you haven’t started with IaC yet, what’s blocking you? And if you have, are you sure you’re leveraging it to its utmost potential?


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The challenge

cloud copyManually-created infra causes problems and slows down production


cloud toolsSustainability is hampered by a lack of hands-off monitoring


save money iconLegacy infra often suffers from weak or insufficient security measures


IAC is an infrastructure must - some even would argue that it’s key to a happy platform team. It underlies GitOps, automation, and a more efficient approach to infra. But knowing isn’t always doing - whether manually-created infra still litters your services or a lack of automation is clogging up your system, the path to IaC doesn’t always run smooth.

But Cycloid’s here to change all that.

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"It’s true that running applications and their infrastructure in the cloud will give you programmable infrastructure and enable a more complete infrastructure-as-code approach — but too many organizations fail to take advantage of this opportunity to reinvent existing processes, and to optimize for fast flow and low cognitive load."

Source: 2021-State-of-DevOps-Report





Import manual infrastructure with ease

Infra Import was designed to help businesses with manually-created infrastructure automatically import it to IaC, transforming even legacy services into a reproducible, automatable, and visible infrastructure. It can also create a project where the very same imported infra is managed by Cycloid, which means there’s no need to redeploy something to begin managing it centrally!

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Secure your existing IAC

Even when your infrastructure is totally IaC-based, it doesn’t mean that you’re getting the most from it. For example, are you sure you’re leveraging your IaC to ensure adequate security and governance? When you choose to use a tool like Cycloid, modules like InfraPolicies, Teams & Roles, and OPA-based tools help ensure that everyone has the privilege they need to do their job - but nothing more.

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Level up the sustainability

What you can’t see, you can’t improve. Without the fullest IAC coverage you can manage, you can’t leverage it to give you insights into the performance, cost, and sustainability of your infrastructure - and certainly not automatically and in real-time. You’ll also struggle to make improvements if you don’t have all the data on hand to optimize your resource usage. Adopt IAC and use it to make sustainable decisions on the daily, not just a once-a-quarter concern.

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Finally, bite the IAC bullet and begin a more automated, visible era in your org.




All infra becomes IaC-based

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It’s best for your business and best for your future.

Automatic security optimization

improve visibility

The tools and rules you need to ensure the easiest decisions in your org are also the most secure.

Sustainability becomes second nature

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Ensure IaC is helping you to make sure your infra is optimized, sustainable, and ready to face the future.


Adopting IaC allows you to plug into a variety of Cycloid tools that help your devs do their job faster, safer, and more sustainably.

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