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Infra as Code rollout


You can’t have missed the memo - infra-as-code is here to stay. Not everyone is on the same starting block - if you haven’t started with IaC, what’s blocking you? And if you have, are you sure you’re leveraging it to its utmost potential?


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The challenge

cloud copyNot all infrastructure has been created with infra-as-code


cloud toolsManually-created infra causes problems and slows down production


save money iconEven infra-as-code isn’t resulting in the benefits teams hoped for


Infrastructure-as-code is no longer a “new” concept. Most businesses have accepted that it’s the most sensible way to move forward in our hybrid and multi-cloud world, but that hasn’t always translated into the most optimal take-up. Whether manually-created infra still litters your services or infra-as-code just isn’t proving the game-changer you hoped it could be, the path to IaC doesn’t always run smooth.

But Cycloid’s here to change all that.

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"It’s true that running applications and their infrastructure in the cloud will give you programmable infrastructure and enable a more complete infrastructure-as-code approach — but too many organizations fail to take advantage of this opportunity to reinvent existing processes, and to optimize for fast flow and low cognitive load."

Source: 2021-State-of-DevOps-Report





Import manual infrastructure with ease

Infra Import was designed to help businesses with manually created infrastructure automatically import it to IaC, transforming legacy services into a reproducible, automatable, and visible infrastructure. Simply choose your cloud provider (we support AWS, GCP, Azure, VMware) and start migrating your legacy infra into IaC!

Empower the whole team

Even when your infrastructure is totally IaC-based, it doesn’t mean that interacting with it offers equal opportunities. Cycloid helps democratize the DevOps experience by giving even non-expert team members an easily accessible and solidly-governed way to leverage your infra-as-code on a daily basis.

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Level up the DevX

By using Cycloid’s tools to interact with your IaC, you’re helping devs get more from their jobs by enabling them to take an active, responsible role in the management of your infra, automation, and cloud costs. Not everyone will want to become an infra specialist, but by using tools like StackForms and Cloud Cost Management, your whole team can leverage your infra for progress and speed, always within the guidelines chosen by your experts.

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Let everyone maximize their infra impact - without having to become experts in Terraform and IaC.




All infra becomes IaC-based

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It’s best for your business and best for your future.

Centralized infrastructure

improve visibility

A single overview of all of your infrastructure, no matter the specific cloud platform.

Democratized access

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No more waiting for DevOps experts to access the infra. Let everyone make an impact, infra experts or not.


Adopting IaC allows you to plug into a variety of Cycloid tools that help your devs do their job faster, more efficiently, and safely.

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