Your infrastructure, visible
to the whole team

Infrastructure visibility is a pillar of DevOps

It’s important to have good visibility of your cloud services, but keeping cloud diagrams up-to-date takes time. Sharing lines of YAML isn’t an efficient way to share information but then again. Infrastructure as code is DevOps best practice and you know it. Even so, it doesn’t always make as much sense to the rest of your colleagues as it does to you. If you have a truly de-siloized, cross-functional team, you’ll know that some team members aren’t truly able to take advantage of the information your IaC contains.


That’s why we made InfraView, a tool that provides a centralized graphical representation of your infrastructure. By showing the information graphically, people without specialized knowledge can see the various resources and how they relate to each other. When everyone has access to the same information, knowledge-sharing is more fluid and equitable.


  • Offers visibility of your cloud infrastructure
  • Keeps infrastructures up-to-date
  • Allows full visibility of cloud resources
  • Helps build bridges between teams

Supported cloud providers