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A self-service developer portal


An internal developer platform allows end-users to help themselves, platform teams & DevOps engineers to clear their schedules, and everyone to enjoy faster delivery and much-improved DevX.

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The challenge

cloud copyToo many low-value tickets


cloud toolsLacking or absent feelings of autonomy and independence


save money iconNo scope for upskilling

When developers can’t complete the infra tasks they need to do their job effectively, it creates a double problem. Firstly, it robs the developers of their independence and self-confidence, and, secondly, it means that someone else has to take up their slack - and in most organizations, that’s the DevOps team.

So can the DevOps team take care of these tasks? Of course, it’s their bread and butter, but should they? Not if they want time to do anything more valuable, they shouldn’t…


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The most highly evolved organizations in our DevOps models are adopting a developer platform model that enables self-service and curates the developer experience.

Why Cycloid?


Reduce repetitive tickets and tasks

By enabling developers and others to “self-serve” basic infra and cloud tasks, you’ll reduce tickets opened for repetitive tasks. In many organizations, these can account for up to 50% of all tasks, but when devs can deal with them themselves using easy-access apps like Stacks, your ops and DevOps will have a whole lot more headspace for the big, business-transforming ideas, rather than the small, soul-sucking ones!

Foster autonomy in your teams

Autonomous, independent, and confident devs make the best players for your tech team, but it’s hard to cultivate those attributes when the less experienced (in infra terms) on the team have to repeatedly ask for help, permission, and clarification at every step. Instead, Cycloid builds permission and limits into tools like Stackforms and Cloud Cost Management so devs can confidently execute infrastructure tasks without having to check in with the experts at every step.

Let techs learn on their own time, own terms

It’s all very well encouraging your techs to upskill (in fact, we actively encourage it), but there’s a big difference between dumping them in the hybrid cloud deep end and gently supporting them as they take their first dip in the complexity of the infra. By using InfraPolicies to provide bottom-up pre-defined permissions, techs can explore and learn about their new environment without being afraid of fatal or costly mistakes.

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A masterstroke for a better developer experience


Life the Cycloid way


Fewer tickets

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Liberate DevOps from repetitive tasks

Empowered devs

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You don’t have to be a DevOps expert to have DevOps-like abilities.

Everyday upskilling

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Everyday tasks become a DevOps upskilling experience.


An internal developer platform that allows true, safe self-service supports your DevOps goals while liberating some of your most valuable team members from the weights that drag them down.

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