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A self-service developer portal


Empower end-users to interact with infrastructure and automation without the need for Ops supervision in a powerful and user-friendly internal developer portal.

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The challenge

Dealing with complex infrastructure and cloud resources requires upskilling - or waiting for someone else to do the job. And since not every developer aspires to be DevOps, this creates a backlog of low-value tickets for ops, while production stands still. Business slows down, while your team is weighed down by repetitive tasks.

What if you could bypass ops and empower your end-users to “self-serve”? Abstract away infra complexity with an intuitive self-service internal developer portal and allow your end-users to focus on work they love doing, without interruptions.

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Use an internal developer portal to turn your end-users into automation superheroes and make continuous delivery a reality in 2024

Why Cycloid?


Reduce repetitive tickets and tasks

By enabling developers and others to “self-serve” basic infra and cloud tasks, you’ll reduce tickets opened for repetitive tasks. In many organizations, these can account for up to 50% of all tasks, but when devs can deal with them autonomously using easy-access apps like Stacks, a service catalog that’s owned and governed by you, your ops will have a whole lot more headspace for the big, business-transforming ideas, rather than the small, soul-sucking ones!

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Improve user experience and lower barriers to entry

DIY and bootstrapped solutions may be powerful, but they aren’t exactly user-friendly, which can be a barrier to entry for some. After all, what's the point of a self-service portal if it's not accessible to everyone? That's why Cycloid’s StackForms hide technical complexity behind an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and democratize infrastructure and cloud services.

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Deliver faster, without overwhelming your team

Businesses underestimate the amount of time, resources and human effort it takes to build a working self-service portal your team will want to use. Developing a custom portal is just the first step of the journey - maintaining, debugging and improving it over the years while delivering consistently good UX is the real challenge. Buying an out-of-the-box solution maintained by a full-time external team is the business-sustainable answer you’ve been looking for - for your budget and your team.

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A masterstroke for a better end-user experience


Life the Cycloid way


Fewer tickets

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Liberate Ops from endless tickets

Faster delivery

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Empower end-users to reach their full potential - nothing will hold them back

Sustainable work model

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Scale up, down, shift left or right - with a flexible GitOps approach, your business will be able to weather any change


An internal developer portal that allows true, safe self-service supports your business goals while liberating some of your most valuable team members from the weights that drag them down.

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