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TerraCognita - Infra-as-code migration made easy


Automatically create Terraform from manually-provisioned public cloud resources


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What is TerraCognita?


TerraCognita is our open-source “reverse” Terraform. It allows you to generate infra-as-code and/or terraform state files from your current public cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS, GCP) or VMWare. If you’re still provisioning your cloud manually, you know it’s time to make the move to reproducible, error-free, and simple IaC. TerraCognita makes it possible.

How does it work?


It quickly and automatically creates Terraform from all of your manually-provisioned resources, allowing them to be easily replicated and managed by you and your cloud provider. No more infra drift or time wasted - all you have to do is connect to your cloud and let TerraCognita take care of the rest.

What's in it for you? 

“Reverse engineer” Terraform from manual infra

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Keep configuration drift in check

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Easily apply policies

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Go further

Why stop at IaC when you can have it all?


TerraCognita’s big sister Infra Import not only transforms your manually provisioned infra, but also helps you reproduce it. With your new IaC you can automatically create service templates (Stacks) and generate .forms.yml files (StackForms) to easily manage and scale your automation.


More on Infra Import

Supported cloud providers

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