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Make the move to infra-as-code
easier than ever before

TerraCognita is our open-source “reverse” Terraform

It allows you to migrate your current cloud infrastructure to infrastructure-as-code. If you’ve spent any time trying to get to grips with DevOps, you’ll know that migrating to descriptive models (infrastructure as code) should definitely be on your to-do list - and with good reason.

Sure, it’s possible to import infrastructures to Terraform manually, but it’s error-prone and time-consuming, especially if you have a complicated infrastructure. Likewise, keeping your Terraform version up-to-date takes time if you have to do it by hand, and it’s close to impossible to keep track of manual configuration changes made via your cloud provider. When you lose track of what’s changed, it’s hard to keep infrastructure drift under control and in development, that’s a big problem.


TerraCognita solves all of these problems for you. It quickly and automatically creates Terraform from all of your manually-provisioned resources, allowing them to be easily replicated by you and your cloud provider. All you have to do is connect to your cloud, and let TerraCognita take care of the rest.


  • Simplify migration to Terraform from manually provisioned infrastructures
  • “Reverse engineers” Terraform from manual infras
  • Keep configuration drift in check
  • Makes it easy to apply policies

Supported cloud providers

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