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Empower your people, boost your software delivery, and help our planet with a sustainable Engineering Platform.

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Sustainability goes beyond being 'green'

Improve efficiency and future-proof your business with a platform that's made to last



GitOps by design 

Modernize your infrastructure with a move to GitOps and build your automation with Infra-As-Code, config management, CI/CD and/or Helm, etc. made by your platform team.


Comprehensive self-service portal

Allow anyone to easily interact with tools, cloud, and automation without having to become an expert in an easy-to-use self-service portal with a strong UX/UI.


With 360° visibility

Continuously optimize and iterate your automation, and cut your cloud spending and carbon footprint impact with sophisticated observability and governance tools.

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Frictionless self-service experience

Platforms should be easy. Enable your end-users to interact with infrastructure and automation without the need to become an expert. With Cycloid’s user-friendly self-service portal, anyone can build, test, and deploy new environments, regardless of skill level, and deliver valuable software in record time.

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A sustainable IaC foundation, instantly

Durable foundations support your business in the long run. Migrate your manually deployed infrastructure to infra-as-code by automatically generating Terraform with Infra Import. Own your infrastructure on your Git and diversify with a hybrid cloud approach whenever it suits you, not when the tech gurus say you should.

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Control over your cloud and carbon impact

We believe everyone has the responsibility to make better, greener choices. Cycloid’s built-in FinOps + GreenOps module centralizes all your hybrid and private cloud costs in a single panel while giving you insight into your cloud carbon footprint. See across all your projects and limit cloud waste - for the good of your business and our planet.

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obs quote for website

Orange Business Services estimates that they can move approximately 4 times faster thanks to Cycloid. For a huge, complex organization, this improvement is revolutionary and clear evidence of how their Cycloid-supported DevOps rollout will lead to improved future turnover.

Pierre-Emmanuel Klotz, Head of Managed Services at Orange Cloud for Business.

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Customer Stories

Dive deeper into platform engineering, hybrid cloud, GreenOps and DevOps

We believe strongly in open source and are active contributors to the movement

Open source and sharing are in our DNA. We ensure our products are open-source compliant and actively engage with the global open-source community. We are proud of the role we play.

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