Simplify & Optimize DevOps and Cloud Adoption

Your DevOps platform to build a bridge between people, process, tools & infra

We develop a DevOps platform to empower people as much as the organization is DevOps oriented. We build a bridge between people (dev, ops, release managers, product owner, managers etc.) processes, tools and infrastructures to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users. On the road to the Cloud, we don’t believe in the NoOps, we know what does it mean to maintain app on production. DevOps is the union of people, process and product. We believe in the fact that companies should own their automation. Faster deployment and time for changes, decrease failure rate and time to recover, should be a reality not a dream. Simplify and optimize DevOps and Cloud adoption is what it drives us.

Centralized repositories & infra as code to deploy any app / template

Get a centralized and simple way to deploy any kind of application based on infrastructure as code that you could customize in a simple way for developers, project managers and DevOps. If you prefer to get direct access to all the automation, just find it in your repository. With this approach, you will be able to add any compliances/modules/requirement that you always wanted for all your applications but still have the flexibility of customization.

Use any kind of Continuous Integration, just get your test done

After triggering any kind of repository such as Github, Bitbucket, AWS Code Commit... start to use our embedded Continuous integration based on or hook any kind of Continuous Integration installed such as Jenkins or any kind of Continuous Integration in SAAS. One rule, use Software for what they have been designed for.

Deploy any kind of application: traditional, container, serverless in any kind of way: blue / green / canary...

At Cycloid, we believe that any kind of application; Traditional, Container, Serverless, deserve any kind of way of deployment: Blue / Green / Canary etc. Technologies that we use such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Salstack for the configuration management, Terraform, Cloudformation for infrastructure as code Kubernetes and Docker should all be considered as a support. We care about decreasing time to delivery, time to market and the overload work of everybody. We have made technologies simple to be used by anyone; neophyte or expert without any lockin.

Visualize, centralize, monitore, integrate any process through a pipeline: get a continuous thing-doer

Getting a pipeline approach is a step that will help you to improve your DevOps culture and helping people to get the visibility on everything. It will also help you to completely industrialise your integration from your repository to production: external API, external SAAS. Inside each step, you will be able to see and track everything that happens. Between each step, you can add any approval between teams, send it by mail, Slack, Hipchat. You can visualise pipeline for continuous integration continuous delivery, for data management or anything that makes sense when you have multiple steps.

Deploy, manage and scale Infrastructure as code without any technical knowledge to optimize your DevOps and Cloud use

Going on the way of infrastructure as code is the best and only way to be able to scale and automate. The concept of infra as code is simple: you describe as a code what your application needs of the infrastructure which could be an IAAS or Private Cloud. Then, you are able to start to automate various tasks such as the deployment of your current application in a new region, autoscaling on spot instances, start and stop etc... We have developed a simple interface that helps you to interact with infra as code without the need to be an expert. If you are, then you have access to the repository where all the infra as code is written.

Manage your cost to make sure that you stay in your budget

Get the visibility of your cost in a simple way. The tags are already managed to make sure that you get the right price. Everything that has been changed in the Cloud provider is automatically synchronised with Cycloid and vis versa. Manage your app / team and any kind of criteria in a simple way to make sure that you keep your budget.≈

Get access of all your centralize logs generated automatically

Get access in a simple way to all your logs is something that is necessary for developers. However, it could be generated in a different way: coming from your Cloud such as AWS Cloudwatch logs, from an Elastic search etc. One click to access it without spending some time to configure it.

Monitore any kind of application: traditional, container or serverless and correlate it with events to know what happen

Having developed a DevOps platform by our DevOps for Dev, Ops and DevOps, monitoring is always is a tricky thing because it depends what you monitor, how, when, the frequency and how you correlate it to events. We made sure that any kinds of application are automatically integrated into the monitoring, in a context of traditional or scalable application. When you deploy a new project, it is automatically generated in the monitoring on the top of the Cloud provider. Interested in added your premium monitoring, no worries, it is totally optional. As a DevOps, you will be able to add any graph/metrics that you want, as a Dev, you will get instant information without the need of configuration.

Design, Build, Migrate, DevOps AAS or Managed Services with our partners or us

Doesn't matter who you are: a dev team who need DevOps supports, an Ops / DevOps who are overloaded and wants to decrease their backlog, a system integrate who wants to ramp up on the DevOps approach, a managed service provider who wants to centralize/add a Cloud offer in his portfolio, doesn't matter your size; small, medium, enterprise company, we have an approach for you.

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