Hybrid Cloud DevOps
Collaboration Platform

Simple, end-to-end frameworks
to help you automate and scale

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They trust us because they want to focus on what matters

DevOps adoption is happening for everyone. Controlling your IT, owning your automation, and being able to scale your DevOps approach to enterprise level is essential - it empowers people to focus on what they love and where they add real value.

Cycloid optimizes your use of technology and the cloud. We help teams work together, regardless of skillset. Our simple and non-intrusive platform ensures governance while maintaining flexibility.

Today's IT department challenges

DevOps challenges

Dev and Ops need to collaborate

Multiplicity of tools available

Cloud hosting can be complicated

It takes time to understand DevOps

Not everyone wants to “be” DevOps

Hiring for DevOps takes time

Dive deeper into DevOps

Competitive advantages

Scale your DevOps and cloud rollout 40% faster

Generate and centralize tools and cloud infra

A single console bridging the gap between IT teams

From Design to Production 50% faster

Zero lock-in: you own your automation

Operations are 70% more profitable

We believe strongly in open source and are active contributors to the movement

Open source and sharing are in our DNA. We ensure our products are open-source compliant and actively engage with the global open-source community. We are proud of the role we play.

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