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Improve developer experience and operational efficiency to increase time-to-market speed with a leading self-service Engineering Platform.


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Improve Developer Experience

When your devs are comfortable interacting with your infra and automation, they can truly thrive. Our internal developer platform allows anyone to interact with tools, cloud and automation without the need to become an expert. It empowers your teams and organization to reach their full DevOps and hybrid-cloud potential.

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Unlock Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud and DevOps are a powerful force for transformation because they strive for the same things: agility, flexibility, and time-to-market speed. Start your cloud journey with our platform and prepare your business for any change.

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Generate IaC Terraform on the fly

The longer you wait to make the move to infra-as-code, the harder it will be. Rapidly industrialize your manually deployed infrastructure with Infra Import by generating Terraform on your Git. Save DevOps time and start promoting DevX to accelerate productivity without compromising on governance and best practices.

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Control cloud consumption

No business can afford to neglect their cloud expenses. Estimate costs before your deploy, centralize all your cloud billing in one place and manage resources in asset inventory with Cycloid’s one-of-a-kind FinOps module.

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Orange Business Services estimates that they can move approximately 4 times faster thanks to Cycloid. For a huge, complex organization, this improvement is revolutionary and clear evidence of how their Cycloid-supported DevOps rollout will lead to improved future turnover.

Pierre-Emmanuel Klotz, Head of Managed Services at Orange Cloud for Business.

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80% of organizations are still struggling to adopt DevOps. Start with a self-service Engineering Platform.
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We believe strongly in open source and are active contributors to the movement

Open source and sharing are in our DNA. We ensure our products are open-source compliant and actively engage with the global open-source community. We are proud of the role we play.

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