Your DevOps Framework

Ensuring both the flexibility
and the governance you need.

Simplifying and making smarter the way each one uses tech and contributes to a project, in keeping with everyone skills.

Helping people working together by simplifying DevOps and Cloud adoption through generation and management of any tools, any apps, any Cloud; giving flexibility, simplicity and guidance for end-users, governance, respect of the best practices and time saving for Ops & DevOps.


Decrease Time to Market

It is not the biggest who wins but the fastest

Fill the gap between Dev & Ops

Methods, Tools and Communication are the essential

Increase Number of Deployment

Agility is the key to success

Improve Market Perception

More features = Greater visibility

Happy Dev & Ops

People are the key, let them focus on what they want to achieve

Simplify Cloud Adoption

From your repo to prod: automated, fastest, effortless

Decrease Production Failure

Releases should create customer loyalty, never impact them

Developers Focus on Code

Developing new features is what creates value

Optimize Cloud Usage

Visibility, financial tracking, orchestration in a simple way

Improve Code Quality

Good quality = You scale; Bad quality = You crash

They trust us because they want to focus on what matters
Regardless their size, the industry they are in or the challenges they face, they have one common objective: simplify their DevOps approach and their Cloud adoption journey. With Cycloid, they achieve great results and can focus on where they really add value.
System integrator
High Traffic
Start-up SaaS

We believe in Open Source and Cloud adoption and actively contribute to it

Open Source and sharing are in our DNA. We do ensure our own products are compliants with this and engage with global communities as active members. We are glad to be known and recognized for this.

CD Foundation
Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Linux Foundation
Trophee Cloud