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Empower your people, boost your software delivery, and help our planet with a sustainable Engineering Platform.

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GitOps by design 

Modernize your infrastructure with a move to GitOps and build your automation with Infra-As-Code, config management, CI/CD and/or Helm, etc. made by your platform team.


Comprehensive self-service portal

Allow anyone to easily interact with tools, cloud, and automation without having to become an expert in an easy-to-use self-service portal with a strong UX/UI.


With 360° visibility

Continuously optimize and iterate your automation, and cut your cloud spending and carbon footprint impact with sophisticated observability and governance tools.

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Frictionless self-service and orchestration

Platforms should be easy. Enable your end-users to interact with infrastructure and automation without the need to become an expert. In Cycloid’s user-friendly self-service portal, your platform team sets the service catalog, roles, and permissions, while your end-users enjoy uncomplicated access to building and deploying new projects.

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Projects lifecycle & resource management

Centralization is key to infra optimization. Modernize your infrastructure with Infra Import by generating infra as code on the fly, get a central place of projects management, asset inventory, events, KPIs, docs, infrastructure diagram, secret & policies to manage runaway resources across all your projects.

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Control over your cloud and carbon impact

We believe everyone has the responsibility to make better, greener choices. Cycloid’s built-in FinOps + GreenOps module centralizes all your hybrid and private cloud costs in a single panel while giving you insight into your cloud carbon footprint. See across all your projects and limit cloud waste - for the good of your business and our planet.

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obs quote for website

Orange Business Services estimates that they can move approximately 4 times faster thanks to Cycloid. For a huge, complex organization, this improvement is revolutionary and clear evidence of how their Cycloid-supported DevOps rollout will lead to improved future turnover.

Pierre-Emmanuel Klotz, Head of Managed Services at Orange Cloud for Business.

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We believe strongly in open source & are active contributors

Open source and sharing are in our DNA. We ensure our products are open-source compliant and actively engage with the global open-source community. We are proud of the role we play.

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