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Essential reading: whitepapers, ebooks & infosheets

Guide to GreenOps cover image

The Definitive Guide to GreenOps

This ebook will be your roadmap to success in a world where environmental responsibility takes center stage.

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guardians of the cloud vol 2 cover illustration

Guardians of the Cloud: Volume 2 

Part 2 of our comic book sees the start of an environmental rebellion and attempts to use cloud resources more efficiently. 

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long haul ebook cover illustration

In It For The Long Haul: Platform Engineering in the Age of Sustainability

Enable smarter, more environmentally conscious cloud consumption decisions at every level of a business, and more efficient processes for your teams.

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comic book cover image

Guardians of the Cloud: Volume 1

Welcome to Guardians of the Cloud, a brand-new comic book series that takes you on an unforgettable journey to Cloud City - a place of endless innovation that harbors a deep secret.

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upskilling ebook mockup

DevX <->Upskilling Link: Why people are the key to your digital transformation

Read about how upskilling influences your product delivery, internal processes and DevX and why it should be among your top priorities this year.

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infra as code migration

IAC Migration for forward-thinking businesses

Read how to alleviate some of your infra-related anxieties with a simple tool. Here are the answers to some of your most burning questions.

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hybrid cloud infosheet cover image

Infosheet: hybrid cloud - bring it to the devs

Are you a team leader, tasked with bringing hybrid cloud to your team? We've put together 5 practical, actionable tips to make the rollout easier and the DevX smoother

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life in the fast lane cover

Life in the fast lane: DevOps and hybrid cloud mastery

In this ebook, we show you how to roll out DevOps and hybrid cloud at the same time, while taking as few risks as possible.

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infra as code infosheet

Insight: Businesses need to start thinking about that DevX Factor

We believe that you should empower your existing teams to reach their full DevOps potential. How to deliver that DevX factor - insight by Rob Gillam.

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infra as code infosheet

Insight: How do you solve a problem like Cloud Waste?

Without supervision, running cloud expenses will add up and cost you success. Read about Cycloid’s solution to cloud cost estimation and monitoring - insight by founder Benjamin Brial.

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infra as code infosheet

Infosheet: Infra as Code by Cycloid

We believe Infra as Code is the only approach to software development that lets you scale safely and successfully, so let us soothe your concerns and lead you confidently into the wonderful world of IaC with this infosheet.

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governance infosheet

Infosheet: Governance with Cycloid

We know, we know. Governance isn't cool, but it is essential! Cycloid builds it in from the ground up, so your experts have all the control they need, without cramping the style of the rest of your team. This infosheet explains our approach and what tools you'll have at your disposal.

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Cheatsheet DevOps business value

Cheatsheet: DevOps business value - make the case to the c-suite

It's not the message that needs to change, it's the way you deliver it! We've created an infosheet with a new perspective on sharing DevOps and tech metrics with a non-tech audience.

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DevOps business value ebook

Ebook: DevOps business value: prove it or lose it

We've written this ebook to help tech team leaders create better, more productive relationships with the executive team, even if you’ve really had problems communicating in the past.

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Whitepaper: Get Your Team Ready for Increased Automation

This whitepaper consolidates the 3 ebooks that make up the hugely popular Plan Now, Win Later ebook series and will show you how to lead your tech team into a DevOps-first future!

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Ebook 2

Ebook: Build a culture of operational safety

DevOps will help you scale, but scaling is dangerous if you have no safeguards in place. This ebook shows you how to keep your SDLC safe, no matter what.

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Ebook 3

Ebook: Make tools and schedules work with your team

The grind - or smoothness - of their daily work is what’s going to make or break your team. Set them up for success from day one - we show you how in this ebook.

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