Create and maintain compliant environments
with a minimum of effort

Offer accessibility, retain governance

Varied teams are great for progress, but different levels of expertise can mean that when it comes to creating and configuring new environments, some profiles are at a distinct disadvantage. Instead of raising tickets, asking for help, or simply risk doing it wrong, give non-expert team members an alternative way to work: StackForms.

StackForms are an easy-to-use way to allow users to choose variables from a pre-approved, compatible, and clearly defined list. This list has been made available by your company’s DevOps and solution architects. It means there’s no need for users to understand Terraform or YAML, or edit config files - StackForms sits on top of the structured documents, giving everyone a simple interface to interact with.


For DevOps engineers, StackForms’ beauty lies in its ability to conceal serious governance behind a simple facade. The only variables that appear to your users are ones that you’ve approved, and StackForms gives you total freedom to use any HCL or YAML-based tech you need, so you’ll be able to facilitate environments that truly work well for your particular situation.


  • Create and configure environments without specialist knowledge
  • Limit team members to approved tools and services
  • Compatible with any YAML or HCL-based tech
  • Expert users can use more complex alternative