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Self-service portal & Orchestration


Streamline your workflows and empower your people to do their best work with a self-service portal and orchestration.


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Unlock the power of automation

Every member of your team should be able to build, test, and deploy projects without a PhD in tech wizardry. This is why Cycloid’s self-service and orchestration tools make it easy for your end-users to deploy stacks, while your DevOps/SRE/Platform team creates the service catalog, governs roles and permissions, and organizes workflows in a continuous delivery pipeline. Balance the power of automation with controlled flexibility to supercharge your software delivery.


Cycloid’s own service catalog - Stacks - allows you to easily reproduce automation parameters across environments encouraging best practice and compliance in a full GitOps approach. You own your automation and store it in your git repository. This gives you version control and enables reusability and factorization.

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Our self-service portal StackForms conceals brains and beauty. Behind an attractive, easy-to-use dropdown menu is a powerful tool offering environment configuration variables that have already been chosen and approved by your DevOps engineers and systems architects.

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Infra Import allows you to rapidly industrialize your deployments by automatically creating IaC

Infra Import is our infrastructure-as-code generator based on open-source tool, TerraCognita. It connects to your manually-deployed cloud infrastructure and automatically creates your Terraform file and related Git modules, helping you modernize and scale your business in a reproducible and controlled manner.

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Multiple organizations

If you manage multiple organizations that are completely siloed, Managed Services/Business Unit View is the tool you need. A single, centralized hub allows you to structure these multiple units in the way that makes the most sense for your team, then manage them from an efficient and streamlined console.

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Governance and flexibility

The framework allows those with responsibilities for tools and cloud to ensure everyone's rights are directly related to their job. These features pre-define minimal privilege, ensuring governance but allowing exactly the right amount of flexibility individuals need to do their job. To do this, Cycloid uses industry-standard Open Policy Agent (OPA), which means you can define roles and deploy policies with confidence.

Teams and custom roles

As you delve deeper into Cycloid’s tools and features, you’ll see that we’ve made it easy for you to establish the principle of least privilege throughout everything your tech team does. Cycloid allows you to set the limits and standards (in terms of teams, roles, and policies) you expect your techs to maintain throughout their dealings with the project.

CI/CD Pipelines

Concourse allows you to centralize all deployments in one tool and easily see the pipeline and every task it contains, no matter what your technical background. Everything stays up to date, and the pipeline can be easily modified, in the event you need to make changes.

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