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Enterprise-grade governance

The control you need without
sacrificing the flexibility techs want

A holistic understanding of risk

Governance is key in the enterprise - a holistic and permeating understanding and management of risk in your organization. It’s not a series of boxes to be checked - each member of your tech team needs to be able to evaluate the possible impact of their actions on the project, tools, or cloud. Of course, Cycloid’s here to offer you some help and guidance.

Check out our governance infosheet

Multiple organizations

If you manage multiple organizations that are completely siloed, Managed Services/Business Unit View is the tool you need. A single, centralized hub allows you to structure these multiple units in the way that makes the most sense for your team, then manage them from an efficient and streamlined console.

Governance and flexibility

The framework allows those with responsibilities for tools and cloud to ensure everyone's rights are directly related to their job. These features pre-define minimal privilege, ensuring governance but allowing exactly the right amount of flexibility individuals need to do their job. To do this, Cycloid uses industry-standard Open Policy Agent (OPA), which means you can define roles and deploy policies with confidence.


Cycloid’s tools work for any organization, but offer specific features that make them particularly efficient for the enterprise level. The framework can be used as a SAAS or on-premise, depending on the governance requirements of your organization. You’ll also be able to plug Cycloid into any existing tools you use, such as OpenID, SAMLv2, and AzureAD.

Teams and custom roles

As you delve deeper into Cycloid’s tools and features, you’ll see that we’ve made it easy for you to establish the principle of least privilege throughout everything your tech team does. Cycloid allows you to set the limits and standards (in terms of teams, roles, and policies) you expect your techs to maintain throughout their dealings with the project.

InfraPolicies and more

InfraPolicies are a TerraForm-based implementation of Policy as Code that provide fine-grained control over changes to an organization's infrastructures while simultaneously defining validation rules. Later on, tools like StackForms and TerraCost will allow you to define limits that are automatically deployed, freeing your ops from watchdog duties and preventing inadvertent problems.