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Deploy: Accelerate software delivery


Leverage controlled accessibility to continuously deploy and deliver


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Autonomy for users, peace of mind for DevOps

Continuous deployment is the key to faster time to market. In traditional organizations, however, it’s often stymied by expertise-based silos which creates the opposite of DevOps best practice - DevOps becomes just another siloed team dealing with extra tickets, which slows down delivery and ends up actually increasing time-to-market.

Cycloid’s vision is to enable continuous deployment and democratize DevOps for everyone by centralizing toolchain and infra management in a simple, intuitive and user-friendly platform that lets anyone, regardless of their expertise, interact with automation in a controlled and efficient way.

Ensure flexible deployments with Stacks

Cycloid’s own service catalog - Stacks - allows you to easily reproduce automation parameters across environments encouraging best practice and compliance in a full GitOps approach. You own your automation and store it in your git repository. This gives you version control and enables reusability and factorization.

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Allow users to choose environment variables from a pre-approved list in StackForms

Our self-service portal StackForms conceals brains and beauty. Behind an attractive, easy-to-use dropdown menu is a powerful tool offering environment configuration variables that have already been chosen and approved by your DevOps engineers and systems architects.

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Build a flexible and cross-compatible CI/CD pipeline in Concourse

Concourse allows you to centralize all deployments in one tool and easily see the pipeline and every task it contains, no matter what your technical background. Everything stays up to date, and the pipeline can be easily modified, in the event you need to make changes.

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