Bring an end to sub-par deployment

Control plus accessibility makes
for better deployment

Faster delivery needs more balanced thinking

Savvy teams seek continuous deployment in their projects and it makes sense - it’s the key to faster, more frequent delivery. In traditional organizations, however, it’s often stymied by expertise-based silos and ops’ fear of inexperienced techs wreaking havoc in the infra. Both these factors conspire to slow down and impede delivery.

Cycloid knew we needed to find a way around this if we wanted to genuinely help companies bring DevOps thinking to the deployment process. This is how we achieved it.

Governance built-in from the ground up, so by the time techs are interacting with the infra, their limits are already set.

simple, intuitive features help even inexperienced devs interact with tools, cloud, and automation without worrying about breaking anything.

Controlled accessibility:
combining control and accessibility facilitate true cross-team contribution regardless of role, easing ops’ lives by eliminating repetitive tasks and tickets. 

Stacks ensure flexible deploys while maintaining governance.

A stack is a generic definition that covers infrastructure, configuration management, and pipeline: Terraform, Ansible, and Concourse. Ensure best practice by creating a catalog of stacks that fit your needs and using them consistently across projects and teams. You can store open-source collections of stacks - called catalog repositories - on your git repository. This gives you version control and enables reusability and factorization. Soon you’ll be able to use your catalog repositories in the command line, giving you an open-source way to simplify new stack creation.

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StackForms allow users to choose environment variables from a pre-approved list.

StackForms conceals brains and beauty. Behind an attractive, easy-to-use dropdown menu is a powerful tool offering environment configuration variables that have already been chosen and approved by your DevOps engineers and systems architects. Users are free to create environments independently, but DevOps retains governance and compliance at all times.

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TerraCognita the reverse Terraform, lets you accelerate the adoption of best practice Infra as Code.

TerraCognita allows you to automatically generate infra as code Terraform for your manually-created infrastructures. Save time and maintain best practice when generating infrastructure as code for your existing infrastructures.

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StackCraft, the cloud designer, simplifies Infrastructure as Code generation and helps ensure best practice.

StackCraft is a cloud designer that lets you drag and drop cloud services and generate infra as code on the fly. Whether you want to draft a solution from scratch or reuse/modify an existing one, StackCraft speeds up Infrastructure as Code adoption by making the process easier while maintaining best practice.

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