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InfraView, Cycloid's newest feature, allows you to see a visual diagram of your infrastructure

March 31, 2020

Paris, March 31, 2020 - Cycloid, the DevOps framework, is proud to announce the launch of InfraView. Already available to all existing customers, InfraView allows you to create a visual representation of your infrastructure, showing you the resources used and relationships between them. Our aim for InfraView is simple: to build bridges between teams by providing an up-to-date architecture schema that everyone can understand but which nobody needs to maintain!

Cycloid optimizes the way everyone uses tools, technology, and cloud infrastructures. We want to help everyone contribute to projects while making interactions between teams more fluid, regardless of skillset. Our simple and non-intrusive framework guarantees flexibility while respecting governance. 

Ops engineers need a simple overview of a given infrastructure and to be able to easily use it to access information. Cloud computing makes creating new infrastructures easy, but it also makes it very, very important to write effective, robust, and accurate documentation for deployment. InfraView reflects the most up-to-date state of an infrastructure for a given environment, generating a .tfstate file which makes it possible to isolate and use different versions. InfraView identifies and highlights the differences between the .tfstate file and the cloud, letting you know where any changes might lie. As InfraView is based on these files, it will work with any infrastructure as long as it has been created with Terraform.

As things stand, InfraView provides visibility into deployed infrastructures, but we've got some big improvements planned for the coming months. Firstly, we’re working to include a view of the differences between infrastructure in production and other environments. We’ll also leverage another Cycloid feature, TerraCognita, to add a Refresh button that ensures you’re always working with the most up-to-date version of the infrastructure. These improvements work towards our ultimate goal - for InfraView to actually be your infrastructure documentation, not just to help you generate it.

For the moment, InfraView works with AWS, Orange Business Services' Flexible Engine and OpenStack on-premise and will very soon support Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

We've written an article to tell you more about InfraView, how it works, and the benefits it offers.


About Cycloid

Cycloid is a DevOps framework that simplifies the rollout of DevOps and the cloud while ensuring flexibility and governance. Cycloid simplifies the use of technology and helps teams work more efficiently while contributing to a common project, always respecting every team member's particular skills. The framework brings together teams, infrastructures, and tools within a collaborative console (interoperable with the existing cloud console) that manages the entire application lifecycle.

Recently-launched TerraCognita generates Terraform infrastructure as code from an existing cloud, InfraView offers a visual representation of your infrastructure in production, and StackCraft, a cloud designer, allows drag and drop infrastructure creation while generating the associated Terraform.