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The path to DevOps
and hybrid cloud adoption

You won't need a DevOps army,
or a messy custom solution

Cycloid's approach


Cycloid founder Benjamin Brial explains why he created Cycloid



We live in a world of complicated tool ecosystems and a serious shortage of DevOps talent.

You know that hybrid cloud and DevOps are important, but the tools you’ve tried aren’t up to the job. Maybe a custom solution? Nah - it’s too expensive to build and hard to maintain, and it would take your engineers away from their real jobs.

That’s why we created Cycloid.

Cycloid is an enterprise-grade DevOps and hybrid cloud collaboration platform that helps teams upskill and work together, facilitating a state-of-the-art developer experience in your organization.

You don’t need a DevOps army or a custom portal - Cycloid and a few great engineers are all you need to unlock DevOps and hybrid cloud today.

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DevOps platform

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Scale your DevOps and cloud rollout 40% faster

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Generate and centralize tools and cloud infra

single console

A single console bridging the gap between IT teams

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From Design to Production 50% faster

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Zero lock-in: you own your automation

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Operations are 70% more profitable


Govern with our devops platform

A perfect tech team is a balancing act - the balance between the organization’s need for governance and the techs’ need for flexibility. Getting this balance right is key to harmony in software development and infrastructure management, which is why Cycloid works hard to ensure that the platform allows for everyone’s needs to be met.

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Continuous Deployment is DevOps best practice, but it takes a little effort to ensure it can truly happen. Cycloid provides you with tools that ensure all techs - regardless of role or experience - can safely and efficiently contribute to your projects, without the need for time-consuming ops supervision.

Make deploys more agile with Cycloid →



That’s what DevOps is all about - tiny tweaks to processes that ensure maximum efficiency throughout software and infrastructure management. Once your projects have been deployed, there’s still lots you can do to ensure that managing them is streamlined and automated, ensuring best practice and excellent business value to the very end.

Manage your infras with Cycloid →

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Who can Cycloid help?

IT management

IT management

  • Real governance
  • No more organizational silos
  • Help teams work together
  • End-to-end KPI visibility
  • Cross-organizational policies

Developer / Solution architect / Traditional Ops

  • Simple and intuitive framework to facilitate DevOps adoption
  • Help with level 1 DevOps
  • Interact with tools, cloud, and automation without worrying about breaking anything
  • Your tools, your cloud, your team, and your rules, all in one place
  • Automation done for you


  • Save time with fewer tickets
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Boost cross-organizational visibility
  • Contribute to open source
  • Simplify life with our CLI
  • Finally implement best practice
  • Less friction over access to automation

Our professional services will help speed up and ease your adoption of Cycloid DevOps framework.


I want to dig into the details, understand how it works! Show me what’s under the hood.