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GitOps by Design


Modernize your infrastructure and applications lifecycle in a full GitOps approach with governance, observability, and scalability in mind, including infra-as-code, CI/CD pipelines, and config management controlled by your platform team.


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cloud copyLack of built-in governance


cloud toolsLow visibility over changes


save money iconNo scope for scalability

GitOps - using Git as the source of truth for all deployment changes - enables developers to work faster because it allows them to deploy their own code without hands-on input from ops teams. However, in traditional GitOps chains keeping track of user actions and deployed environments, as well as enforcing compliance has always been a weak point. This leaves no opportunity for upscaling and therefore cannot support your long-term business goals.

Cycloid focuses on building automation foundations that are meant to last. Get greater visibility and control over the deployment process, complete with infra-as-code, CI/CD pipelines, and version management.


Build a stable GitOps foundation for your sustainable platform engineering

Why Cycloid?



Cycloid adds the commonly missing governance layer in a traditional GitOps chain with multi-tenancy and RBAC modules to allow users and API calls to enforce fine-grained security. Cycloid also embraces GitOps by using versioned automation and managing versioned deployed environment configuration directly from your Git. Our Open Policy Agent-based module helps implement your best practices and cloud compliance rules without halting your end-users’ work.

screenshot of our governance module


With our 360° observability modules, you can easily keep track of each deployed environment, including ownership, changes, artifact version management for each pipeline job build, inventories of each individual cloud resource as well as audit logs. In addition, Cycloid also provides fully-fledged FinOps and GreenOps modules to keep an eye on your cloud computing costs and carbon footprint.

view of our cloud cost estimation module


A GitOps chain is traditionally built by tech for tech, which drastically reduces user accessibility and usage of automation. Cycloid adds an easy-to-use self-service portal layer on top of your GitOps approach. This way your automation becomes open to anyone, regardless of skill level. The technical nuts and bolts are hidden behind a simple and user-friendly interface that makes your GitOps approach more easily accessible.

screenshot of infra import

Reduce errors and inconsistencies by letting your Git handle changes automatically


Life the Cycloid way


Automation built to last

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Cycloid’s GitOps approach will scale with you as your business grows.

360 view of your deployments

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GitOps doesn’t have to mean chaos - follow up on exactly who, when and where of your deployment process.

Faster time-to-market

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End-users work faster without constant vigilance from operations teams.


With Git as the source of truth, the deployment process is automated and streamlined, allowing developers to focus on what they do best - writing code.

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