Not a tool:
a DevOps Framework

Ensuring both the flexibility and the governance you need

We believe that DevOps adoption is happening for everyone. We trust everyone should control their IT, own their automation and scale their DevOps approach to the enterprise level, letting people focus on what they love and have a real value on.

Cycloid empowers people in the use of technology and Cloud. Regardless of skill set, we help them contribute to a project and work smarter together. We bring flexibility and governance through our simple and non-intrusive framework


Scale your DevOps approach

40% faster to scale your DevOps and Cloud approach

Centralize tools and hostings access without lock-in

Centralize and generate tools and Cloud infra

Build bridges between teams and fluidify communication

1 console to build bridges between IT teams

Deploy more often, reduce time to market

46x more frequent deployment, reduced time to market

Simplify daily work for Dev and Ops

0 lock-in: you own your automation

Better quality code on production

70% profitability in the Design, Build and Run


Cycloid in 3 simple steps


Generate your Infra simply

Connect your Cloud and generate your Infra as Code (Terraform) with TerraCognita, visualize your up-to-date diagram with InfraView and modify/create your Cloud infrastructure in drag and drop with StackCraft.


Govern your stacks deployment

Instantiate your stacks and tools with our Service Catalog and CI/CD pipelines on different environments, with extendable configuration for each of them.


stacks click

Get everything you need to operate it

Give everyone in the team access to what they need, and get all the tools you use to run your apps in one central place.


They trust us because they want to focus on what matters
Regardless their size, the industry they are in or the challenges they face, they have one common objective: simplify their DevOps approach and their Cloud adoption journey. With Cycloid, they achieve great results and can focus on where they really add value.
System integrator
High Traffic
Start-up SaaS

We believe in Open Source and actively contribute to it

Open Source and sharing are in our DNA. We do ensure our own products are compliants with this and engage with global communities as active members. We are glad to be known and recognized for this.