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Orange Business Services - ‘DevOps has cut customer onboarding from days to hours’

September 13, 2021

Orange Business Services (OBS) has adopted DevOps in order to control 120,000 virtual machines and manage the thousands of different tools it needs to use. The cloud infrastructure provider has 70 data centers across five locations, 2,000 clients in 220 territories and the move has improved its application delivery times, centralized processes, and made client cloud enrolment radically quicker.

Pierre-Emmanuel Klotz, Head of APPI (Architecture, Pre-sales support, Project and Innovation) for Orange Cloud for Business, says:


Our previous situation was a delicate, time-consuming puzzle: How to unify something that is, by its very nature, hugely varied? More importantly, how could we do that while keeping both internal stakeholders and our external clients secure and productive?


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