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DevOps and Hybrid Cloud: Life in the Fast Lane, Part Two

September 19, 2022

In the early years of cloud computing, cost savings were the major driver of adoption. These days, however, organizations are increasingly faced with spiraling expenditures, waste and a lack of control. As cloud usage bills and inefficiencies start to balloon, these challenges are beginning to undermine the benefits of migrating in the first place.

The truth is that optimizing costs in the cloud is more taxing than many organizations first expect. Identifying cost savings that can be made isn’t generally the hard part; effectively implementing those savings is where the real challenge lies.

A lack of control over infrastructure means that many organizations are failing to make the changes needed to truly realize these gains. So common are these challenges that there is even a word for the process to deal with them: FinOps. FinOps, at its core, is the culture and practice of creating visibility and accountability to manage cloud penetration throughout an organization, and it’s an area that is growing rapidly.

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