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Cycloid for DevOps Engineers

Repetitive tasks and a lack of automation holding you back from innovation? Let Cycloid handle the boring stuff, while you lead a true DevOps revolution.

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The challenge

cloud copyDealing with tickets leaves no time for DevOps innovation


cloud toolsPolicy control and cloud compliance is paramount


save money iconCompanies can’t see the DevOps end goal without your help

You see things very clearly - a DevOps engineer should be a best practice hero who builds bridges between developers and operations while enabling their organization to reach new heights.

Ideally, you’d be in a position where you could empower developers to self-serve, giving you time to refine and optimize your multi-or hybrid cloud infrastructure, but neverending support requests and repetitive tickets are getting in the way.

Is there a way out? Here at Cycloid, we’d like to think there is.


You know what you need to do, you just need the space to do it


Why Cycloid?


When DevOps is working at full capacity, your brain can work at yours

The irony! The better the DevOps, the more time you’ll be able to devote to...optimizing DevOps. But now, while you’re dragged down with help requests, you don’t have much free time at all. By leveraging automation and best practices, you’ll be able to help people help themselves with tools like StackForms, leaving you free to be innovative in your improvements and refinements to your organization’s infrastructure and tooling. It will be a fine day, and it will come soon!

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Remove unnecessary complications from the picture

Whether you’ve had to wrangle (or even create) complex custom solutions, or had to suffer through software that just doesn’t fit your workflow, we hear ya. Cycloid is highly customizable, with a nearly neverending roll call of cross-compatible integrations. We also offer a CLI and direct API, so you can avoid the console and integrate your IS tools, and we never, ever limit your ownership of your automation. Cycloid will never lock you in, pin you down, or squeeze you into a system that just doesn’t fit.

zero lock in illustrated

Best practices must underlie everything you do

The right automation will allow your infrastructure to scale exponentially, but without safeguards and limits, it could scale exponentially badly. Cycloid gives you all the tools you’ll need to make sure that your organization’s specific best practices are built-in from the bottom up, giving you fine-grained control from the get-go. Use StackForms to empower devs without letting them run wild in the infra. Lock everyone’s permissions down (or open them up) with InfraPolicies, and use Secrets to keep all the juicy stuff exactly where it should be.

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Day-to-day pressures are cramping your style - you need to find a better way


Life the Cycloid Way

Lighter workload

control your cloud costs

While Cycloid does the boring stuff in the background, you can focus on what you do best - inspire creative thinking and achieve success with your team.

Unrestricted innovation

improve visibility

With grunt work out of the way, nothing can stop you from leading a true DevOps revolution at your organization.

Stable progress

deploy faster

Enjoy the freedom to innovate without risk and maintain business value.


Find a way to finally do the DevOps job you know you can do

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