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Cycloid for Cloud Migrations


Make the move to hybrid cloud and modernize your infrastructure with ease.

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hybrid cloud

The challenge

cloud copyThe future is in the cloud, but your organization isn’t fully (yet)


cloud toolsYour company has lots of legacy infrastructure and that worries your devs


save money iconHybrid multi-cloud adds another layer of complexity to simply “the cloud”

If you want to scale at the pace of your competitors, your infra needs to be elastic. But moving to the cloud is a big step and there are so many possible pitfalls. What will happen to your on-prem applications? Will you be locked in with one cloud provider forever? And is now the time to go beyond “just cloud” to hybrid multi-cloud? These are all valid concerns, which makes the move to hybrid multi-cloud an intimidating prospect. Hopefully, Cycloid has an answer. Read on...


cloud services expenditure data point graph

According to predictions from Gartner, global spending on cloud services is expected to reach over $482 billion in 2022, up from $313 billion in 2020.

Why Cycloid?


We’ll give you a helping hand to move to infra-as-code

Infra-as-code will reduce complexity, improve cloud adoption, and help everyone using cloud environments to have a common view of the services and resources in play. Cycloid offers several tools that will offer your ops a practical helping hand, allowing you to create IaC from legacy infra and deal more easily with all IaC files, new or old. InfraPolicies are an IaC-based implementation of Policy as Code that provide fine-grained control over changes to an organization's infrastructures while simultaneously defining validation rules, while StackForms allows everyone to interact with infra-as-code, even those without specialist knowledge.


Locking you in is not our style

We know that there’s a good chance that any time someone mentions a new tool in your organization, there’s a voice that worries about the freedom to come or go as you please. Don’t worry, we feel the same way! Using Cycloid isn’t going to cause a problem for anyone because we make sure to make it that way. The automation you bring to or create with Cycloid is always 100% yours, and you’ll always be able to take it with you when you go.

zero lock in illustration

Legacy infrastructure isn’t a problem for Cycloid

When we talk to enterprise clients out there in the real world, we often hear them lament their legacy infra and its compatibility with the world of IaC and multi-cloud. Try Infra Import for size - it’s designed especially to help organizations generate infra-as-code for their legacy infrastructure, which in turn allows it to be managed centrally from the console, like any newer, more modern cloud infrastructure. Simply connect your manually-deployed cloud infrastructure to Infra Import and it will create your Terraform manifests and related Git modules in a single click. It’s the “magic wand” your legacy infra needs.

infraimport drill down 2

Peace of mind while you bring your business to where it needs to be


Life the Cycloid way


Freedom to always do what’s best for your business

control your cloud costs

Integrate any tools you like, choose on-prem, cloud or hybrid, and innovate with ease - Cycloid will support your agile development at every step.

Infra-as-code accessible for everyone

improve visibility

Infra-as-code is no longer a pipe dream - make the move easily with Cycloid’s best practices and move with the times.

Keep legacy infra

deploy faster

Starting new doesn’t mean you get rid of the old - your legacy infra won’t hold you back from driving growth when you are in the cloud.


Cloud migration is inevitable. The only question is do you do it now, or do you get left behind?

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