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Cycloid unveils Infra Import to ‘reverse engineer’ Terraform Infra-as-Code from Manual Deployments

July 29, 2021

PARIS, FRANCE – 29 July 2021 – Cycloid, the hybrid-cloud DevOps collaboration platform for building end-to-end frameworks, has today unveiled Infra Import, a tool that automatically reverse engineers Terraform Infra-as-Code (IaC) from manually deployed infrastructure. Based on TerraCognita, the open source reverse Terraform project led by Cycloid, Infra Import supports teams, regardless of DevOps expertise, by simplifying and automating the generation of Terraform IaC, and enables IT to regain control of their infrastructure by industrialising manually provisioned deployments across multiple environments.

At a time when hundreds of applications are deployed daily, and infrastructure is taken down or scaled up and down in response to user demands, automation has become an essential part of remaining competitive. IaC has made automation possible for infrastructure management, but creating IaC manually is time-consuming, costly, inconsistent, and vulnerable to human error. Infra Import alleviates this resource-intensive burden by providing a plug-and-play solution for all organisations to get started with IaC.

Infra Import is easy to use and straightforward to set up and go. Via a simple interface, Infra Import connects to an organisation’s cloud provider and automatically reverse engineers Terraform files and IaC stacks from manually provisioned deployments. The tool introduces several capabilities to help teams gain further control of their infrastructure, including easy to apply policies and best practices, simplified module creation and the ability to scale in a fully repeatable, controlled manner. Infra Import automatically ensures and uses the latest version of Terraform, removing the requirement for DevOps teams to monitor and action Terraform updates.

“Importing infrastructures to Terraform manually is possible, but prone to error and time-consuming, especially if you have complicated legacy infrastructure. Infra Import solves these problems quickly and efficiently through automation,” explained Benjamin Brial, founder, “​​Following our recent international launch, Infra Import is the latest addition to the Cycloid platform and part of an ongoing strategy to develop solutions that optimise investments in technology and hybrid cloud. We want to build bridges between teams with simple, non-intrusive frameworks that make DevOps more accessible to a broader range of IT professionals, and help organisations regain control of their infrastructure. Based on our popular Terracognita project, Infra Import is also an example of how we will look to leverage and contribute to the open source community to build solutions that integrate seamlessly with any customer environment.”

Cycloid is in the process of developing and releasing a comprehensive suite of management tools and platform features to help teams automate and scale their DevOps and hybrid-cloud strategy. Its platform enables teams to build lightweight end-to-end frameworks with pre-defined roles and policies to ensure governance and best practice, with service catalogs used to deploy software using drag-and-drop visual interfaces or CLI / API.


About Cycloid

Cycloid is the hybrid-cloud DevOps collaboration platform that provides simple end-to-end frameworks for automation and scale. Cycloid’s enterprise-grade platform helps teams upskill and work together, regardless of skill set, expertise, or technology. Cycloid does not aim to replace existing DevOps and cloud tools, instead it brings them together, providing end-to-end project frameworks that will help facilitate a DevOps revolution in organizations.