Our Vision

Empower people though a DevOps platform

A path of faster innovation for the digital market

In the hosting world, we can distinguish 4 main approaches :


Still present for legacy applications but no future due to the fact that it is not flexible, scalable, cost & time efficient. We also see a concentration of the key player market because the competition with public cloud is really intense so players are looking for mass market


Drag and drop applications between Cloud in real-time, automatically, at best prices : still too many technicals, political and financials issues. However, there are a few uses cases around IT infrastructure overflow: Storage, Backup, Data Center Recovery, multi-CDN …


Get all the features of Public Cloud in your own datacenter. Doesn’t fit for 99% of the market and does not provide the same level of features than the Public Cloud. It’s requiring too much technical skills and there is not enough IT specialist to satisfy the market demand. CAPEX is too important even if you buy a solution and the ROI is not demonstrated below hundreds of thousand of physical servers.


Eats the market of traditional hosting because customers can focus on your core business : no management and investment in datacenter, hardware and virtualisation. Pay as you go. What startup, SAAS, Web pure player, enterprise don’t invest on infrastructure, can be invested in services around Workshop, setup, automation, migration, continuous integration, continuous deployment to have an infrastructure which adapts to their evolution and build a CI/CD can focus on their code business and innovation…

At Cycloid, we believe in Infrastructure As Code, in the concept that infrastructure should adapt to your application not the
opposite. We choose to work only on AWS because it’s the best available solution for production. At Cycloid we focus on one strategy
and investment: provide a continuous integration, continuous deployment container pipeline based on the best Open
Source technology without any lock-in on AWS.

Traditional managed services is not enough

A customer opens a ticket, waits for an answer, is frustrated because it always takes too much time even for small requests. An Ops opens the request and when it’s not a small request without any value, he sometimes thinks : why am I doing this ?
This is a direct result of his non integration into the design process. The Ops intervenes in the last step and didn’t have the opportunity to provide some good advice earlier in the process.
Finally, no one is satisfied.
Traditional outsourcing is usually done solely as a tactical cost cutting measure (and often delivered by junior, less experienced personnel) but they do not know how to develop. Buying traditional managed services implies that you replicate and maintain silos between Dev and Ops.
At Cycloid, we want to change this status quo and help developers to achieve executive goals by following an integrated Devops-approach.
Our ambition is to decrease time to market, time to delivery by helping developers to deliver better products to satisfy our end user and generate more turnover.
Every Cycloid folks worked as an Ops & Dev during couple of years and everybody comes to the same conclusion : We need to take a different approach to satisfy all participants in the process.

Continuous integration, Continuous deployment, Continuous Delivery container pipeline
are the way to deliver better quality product and fill the gap between Dev & Ops

If you want to decrease time to market, time to delivery and generate more turnover, first, you need to move on AWS. Second, it is necessary to integrate devops automation, to think Infrastructure As Code CI/CD container pipeline. According to research, it helps you:

  • to improve by 22 % the quality of your code
  • decrease failures on production by 50 %
  • give direct feedback for developer from the infrastructure and starting the way on Continuous delivery.

In term of soft skills, it has also been demonstrated:

  • that it’s improving the employee motivation due to the fact that they see directly the result
  • It is improving the market perception & show competitive advantages
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to the fact that you releases new features

At Cycloid, we develop cycloid.io, a continuous integration / continuous deployment container pipeline based on the best Open Source technologies. Our goal is to enable development to deliver more frequently into production, rather than making its best effort to prevent change.

We nurture collaborative relationships with the intent to pull development towards Continuous Delivery, providing reliable, predictable platforms which invite customers to move faster.

Because we are not just a software vendor and we don’t believe in 100% automation, we can also provide for those who are interested in, the “last kilometer” of service through AWS Managed Services Provider. We are your DevOps team.

At Cycloid, we decided not to develop yet another software that pretends to offer the solution to everything. We decided to bring the best Open Source technologies in one place and to build the glue between each technology. That is why we implement and maintain A to Z automation that we also use/develop/contribute in our Managed Services. We “eat our own food”. We automate what can be automated in terms of QA, AB Testing, performance testing as your DevOps team. Every one at Cycloid is also a developer in Go so we know and understand your need to be independent to push in production.

We believe that maintaining this pipeline, fix bugs of Open Source technologies, become core contributor of Open Source technologies, implement new technologies over and over to get the most efficient pipeline aren’t the core business of Developers and Operational. We believe that challenge of our customers is to develop new features not managing production and pipeline problems.

We know it is hard work, lots of change on the habit for Dev / Ops, release manager, QA, managers and executives levels but it is the only way to provide products that rock and we will be there for it ! At the end, Deployment shouldn’t be an event. That is a collective goal !