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Our vision

Empower people to faster innovation
via an engineering platform

DevOps isn’t a nice-to-have - it’s a necessity


The Cycloid team created and continues to develop a hybrid-cloud DevOps collaboration platform. This platform offers simplicity, flexibility, and governance, optimizing the DevOps trio - people, processes, and tools - helping you scale seamlessly to the level your enterprise needs.



Key business drivers are still traditional goals of rationalization, efficiency, and profitability, but new business models favoring innovation and respectful management are making inroads. At Cycloid, we have strong views on the subject: we’re adopting a teal organization paradigm. This translates to full transparency and team involvement in every company decision, clearly defined road maps, transparent salary information, access to financial data, team-based recruitment, 360º annual reviews, fully remote organization, and more.



In many organizations, IT departments are split between architecture, development, and operations. Some of these teams pursue flexibility, while others look for governance and the conflict leads to frustration. How can you proceed while ensuring teams’ buy-in? The human factor is key for orchestrating change - businesses have to find the model that works best for them while bearing in mind that every organization is different and evolves at its own pace.



This is the context from which the DevOps profile emerged. DevOps are pivotal in managing new generation infrastructures in a flourishing and ever-changing ecosystem - CaaS, PaaS, CMP, CI/CD, FaaS, SaaS, IaaS in public Cloud mode, etc. Even so, it’s hard to hire for this profile. What strategy should be implemented to deal with this DevOps shortage? What technical level should we be expecting from a candidate?



The DevOps ecosystem is expanding exponentially. Surveys count an average of 28 tools, each tool bringing its own ecosystem. This technological frenzy generates lots of strategic questions. Which tools are worth using? Should we expect each team member to become an expert in each of the technologies? How do we ensure interoperability? How do we ensure we have complete reversibility? How can we promise a satisfying user experience?

The result

The result

In light of all these challenges, the Cycloid team created and continues to develop a platform that allows enterprises to simplify and accelerate their DevOps and hybrid-cloud adoption. We are convinced that modern businesses need DevOps: we want to simplify access to related technologies and clouds, enabling everyone to contribute to projects regardless of their skillset. This happens best when flexibility for some is balanced with governance for others. We ease the journey by making interactions between teams and automation more fluid and, with no lock-in. Moreover, Cycloid is deeply in favor of open source and contributes to community development, natively embedding open-source solutions, and developing some ourselves.