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Cycloid for Heads of Infrastructure


Scale, progress, efficiency - the time for platform engineering is now.

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The challenge

cloud copyBadly managed change can damage your team


cloud toolsCloud rollout is hard - multi-cloud rollout is even harder


save money iconOvercomplicated, inefficient processes are wasting talent and time

As a technology infrastructure leader, you play a key part in the transformation, digitization, and cloud enablement of your organization’s IT legacy. It’s a complicated job - between striking the right cloud balance, keeping pace with technology, and modernizing and streamlining your IT infrastructure, you’ve already got your hands full.

So what if we told you that you could ensure the scalability, performance, and resilience of your platform while automating the deployment of your hybrid-cloud infra and services? It’s totally possible; let us show you how.



So much to do, so little time!


Why Cycloid?


Multi-cloud rollout becomes easier

You’ve got enough to worry about when rolling out multi-cloud, so Cycloid helps make it as simple as possible. With a centralized control panel, you can run various environments on different cloud platforms from a single point. When you want to deploy an app on various public or private clouds, you can reuse existing automation, so you only ever need to create it once. Finally, Cycloid makes it easy for all devs, regardless of skill set, to use pre-defined Stacks that allow even non-technical profiles to use StackForms to interact autonomously with the cloud where needed.

Automation’s going to be your savior

Knowing that automation can change everything is one thing, but actually making sure your organization is reaching its fullest automation potential is another. Cycloid helps make the automation-first mindset a reality, so the first time your devs do a repetitive task, they’re already thinking about how to automate it so that the second time, they’re implementing the automation, and the third, it’s automated. Cycloid’s primed for this process, facilitating it at every step and always ensuring that your automation is 100% yours and not locked into the platform.

automate pipeline

Simple efficiency is the name of the game

Cycloid’s goal of simple efficiency is the end goal of both hybrid cloud and automation. When your tech team has reached their potential in both of these areas, paired with a DevOps-first outlook on everything else, they will become simple efficiency personified, working effectively together, automating where possible, and fluidly moving between the right cloud provider for the job. It might not be immediate, but when it happens, it sure will be awesome!

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Your goal? Bring value to your business while keeping your teams efficient and happy




Multi-cloud adoption

control your cloud costs

Easily set up multi-cloud strategy with Cycloid and give your devs back time to innovate and grow.

Automation-first approach

improve visibility

Let Cycloid handle repeatable, reusable processes while you and your team focus on scaling and improving your product.

Maximized efficiency

deploy faster

Manage your infrastructure - pipelines, deployments, clouds, costs - all in one place.

Fortune favors the brave - the time for DevOps and hybrid-cloud rollout is now

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