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BrightTalk webcast: 3 major DevOps blockers (and how to outmaneuver them)

September 21, 2021   11h00  
devops blockers webcast

So, you want to unlock DevOps. You might even have had success in one part of your business, but the take off across the whole organization has been slow. Are some blockers just impossible to break through? Hear from 2 industry experts, Benjamin Brial, founder at Cycloid - hybrid cloud DevOps collaboration platform, and Philippe Ensarguet, CTO at Orange Business Services, on how to get around blockers and unlock DevOps for good.

In this 45-minute webcast, you will learn about:

  • The DevOps talents shortage: How about upskilling and empowering your existing teams instead?
  • The “let’s build a custom DevOps platform” temptation: How do you avoid the trap?
  • A rocky start to your cloud journey: Moving to the cloud is a strategic decision, how to use infrastructure as code to accelerate your move to the cloud?


September 21, 2021