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Why things should change ?

While building Cycloid, one purpose was to change the relation between people. For us, a company
is a group of people that aims to achieve something great and useful together. The company
should serve its collaborators and their well being not the opposite.

In a global overview, we see that:

  • work related stress and anxiety have been increasing continuously over the past decades
  • growth is not anymore a mean but has, unfortunately, become the ultimate purpose, roundtables to increase capital are the sacred way
  • the management team (founders, Presidents and VPs, mid-management) is in utter loneliness, separated from their teams
  • 9 out of 10 recruitments for managing positions ultimately prove to be a failure
  • current and coming generations have a fundamentally different approach on authority and talented people want to have a say in the company’s strategy
  • the 3 main explanatory reasons as to why an employee quits are: conflicts with his manager, lack of salary increase and a bad atmosphere at work
  • companies benefits are not distributed equally, the biggest chunk goes to shareholders and very little is distributed among employees
  • technological progress has been increasingly faster. If previously a product’s life cycle was 3 to 5 years, it has now been reduced to 1 year. Technological frenzy at it’s best. How could we innovate and stay on cutting-edge technology if you work with Top-Down management ?
  • proprietary software has lost the battle of IT, Open source is the rule
Many companies truly believe that funky offices with a table football, “slides” and more fundraising and people improve talent attraction and retention. However if it was that simple, most companies would already have solved the problem of scalability of people & innovation & well-being.
In fact, the definition of well-being is very specific to each individual. Therefore we must acknowledge that the “one size fits all” - approach can not be an adequate response to collaborator’s expectations.
We believe that it is about time to try out a different way to run a company.

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