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StackCraft (beta)

A cloud designer to simplify
and speed cloud adoption

Creating new infra is rarely as simple as it seems

Terraform rules when it comes to infrastructure-as-code, but even though it’s good, it isn’t perfect.

Even though Terraform is the easiest way to interact with your cloud infrastructure, not every module or variable is going to be easy to describe. You’re going to need the people with specialist knowledge and the ability to visualize abstract concepts, and the motivation (and determination) to roll it out and keep it maintained.


That’s why we created StackCraft, our WYSIWYG cloud designer. The tool allows you to drag and drop your desired cloud configuration, allowing you to see and interact with abstract resources visually. Once your infra is looking the way you want it, StackCraft will automatically generate a Terraform file (infrastructure as code), which can then be used to create infrastructure in your cloud provider of choice.


  • Cloud infrastructure becomes simpler to create
  • Visual interface allows for better accessibility
  • Terraform generated automatically
  • Infra-as-code best practice respected at all times
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