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Now is the moment - optimize your team and cloud consumption with a once-off offer from Cycloid

March 19, 2020

Paris, March 19, 2020 - Cycloid announces a special offer that runs from today until the end of June 2020: unlimited and free access to our DevOps framework (SaaS version) as well as support via Hangouts and Slack. The goal? To build bridges between IT teams, especially remote ones, and save organizations time and money in their cloud consumption and overall DevOps rollout.


Why now? 

Because now more than ever, IT teams need to work together. In the current climate, helping this process by facilitating access to our DevOps framework seems like the right thing to do. 

For many, business isn’t great at the moment. For some, this presents the perfect opportunity to spend some of time working on organization, automation, and efficiency, the keys to an overall improvement in business performance.

This is what we've noticed: 

  • There are more hosting companies and cloud providers emerging every day
  • Tools are becoming more complex and need time to integrate and maintain
  • Often, devs and ops have a hard time working together
  • Training or recruiting DevOps profiles is complicated, very difficult right now, and takes time


So, in this context, why a DevOps framework?

Cycloid optimizes the way everyone uses tools, technology, and cloud infrastructures. The aim is to allow everyone to contribute to a project and to make interactions between teams more fluid, regardless of skillset. Our simple and non-intrusive framework guarantees flexibility while respecting governance. 

Cycloid centralizes tools, applications, and hosting, without locking you in. It natively embeds open source solutions, and is based on the foundational values of automation, efficiency, autonomy, reproducibility, and cost savings.


How to take us up on this offer

Simply contact us via this form: to start the ball rolling.

You link your cloud accounts to Cycloid and we bill you for your cloud usage. There are no extra fees and a little buffer between your provider's bill and our bill. This offer is non-binding and there's no obligation. We’ve come up with this offer - at this time - so that teams can discover the power of our solution. Spending a little time on implementation now will let you save a lot later on!




About Cycloid

Cycloid is a DevOps framework that simplifies the rollout of DevOps and the cloud while ensuring flexibility and governance. Cycloid simplifies the use of technology and helps teams work more efficiently while contributing to a common project, always respecting every team member's particular skills. The framework brings together teams, infrastructures, and tools within a collaborative console (interoperable with the existing cloud console) that manages the entire application lifecycle.

Recently-launched TerraCognita generates Terraform infrastructure as code from an existing cloud, InfraView offers a visual representation of your infrastructure in production, and StackCraft, a cloud designer, allows drag and drop infrastructure creation while generating the associated Terraform.