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Cycloid unveils new GreenOps cloud carbon footprint tool

February 01, 2023

Platform engineering company Cycloid has unveiled Cloud Carbon Footprint, a new GreenOps tool that accurately displays deployed cloud carbon footprint data alongside cloud costs.

Embedded within Cycloid's FinOps Cloud Cost Management module, Cloud Carbon Footprint has been developed to encourage a culture of sobriety that flows through an organisation from the bottom-up, enabling smarter, more environmentally conscious cloud consumption decisions at every level of a business.

Digital technologies present both an opportunity for a more sustainable world, and a challenge to sustainability. On the one hand, digital transformation increases the efficiency with which we use resources, but the more sophisticated the technology becomes, the more reliant it is on servers, networks and terminals. The direct energy footprint of IT has recently been estimated by The Shift Project to be increasing 9% annually. Combining GreenOps and FinOps approaches, Cloud Carbon Footprint uses sophisticated emissions methodology and publicly available data center information to provide total clarity on an organizations cloud carbon footprint.


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