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GreenOps Carbon Footprint Treads Closer To Cloud Developer Efficiency

February 22, 2023

Clouds need to get cleaner. In what is something of a virtual-to-physical paradox, we are now thinking more clearly about the cost of real cloud computing to the planet, despite it being an essentially abstracted virtual service delivery methodology of ephemeral IT assets and functions.

Datacenter technology has long focused on its Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings to monitor energy, performance and cooling costs. But recent times have seen us focus on how much cloud capacity is up-sold, under-used and perhaps now also ‘over-programmed’ i.e. used by software application development engineers in ways that are wasteful, repetitive and potentially avoidable due to some pre-existing functionality already having been created which can be integrated to.

As flexible as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud computing pricing model is, cloud is more typically over-provisioned rather than under-provisioned. A two-way street, the responsibility for this reality lies with both the consumers (businesses) who buy cloud and the Cloud Services Provider (CSP) hyperscalers who sell it.

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