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Remote middle experienced Vue.js Frontend Developer F/M

November 25, 2020
Paris or full remote in Europe
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About us

Cycloid is a simple and non-intrusive DevOps framework, available in SaaS and on-premise modes, that optimizes people's use of technology and the cloud. We help teams work smarter together, regardless of skillset, all the while ensuring governance and maintaining flexibility. We already contribute to numerous IT services across Europe. We help numerous IT departments in companies across Europe with their DevOps rollout and optimization.

We strongly believe in:

  • Open source - we contribute, develop, and release open source technologies
  • The teal organizational model - ensure scalability WITH people and not OVER them
  • Full informational transparency on every topic

We are 30 passionate Europeans from 7 countries and have doubled our revenue and the team every year. We raised €4.5M in funding in 2019, allowing us to speed up development. 

One goal: to make our DevOps framework the leading DevOps tool in the world


Your challenge

What you want to participate to:

We provide a working environment for everyone to contribute in their best way to build new features (green field) and also help us make our current codebase more robust and maintainable (brown field). You will:

  • Build UI/UX design of our frontend based on VueJS Framework
  • Test your own code: we believe you are the best person to do it!
  • Review your peers, as well as they review your code, ensuring best practices and knowledge sharing
  • Share some good times once every trimester at our headquarters in Paris to work all together on our strategy, roadmap, next features, … etc.
  • Define your own goals, agenda and priorities
  • Share your ideas and knowledge with others and be listened to, on every topic regarding the company, not only code.

Your are:

  • A passionate, knowledgeable and friendly front-end developer, with some skills on VueJS, ES 7 and above, ES Lint, Jest and SCSS
  • Some knowledge on SVG based libraries, such as Joint.js and D3.js is definitely a plus
  • With several years of experience crafting professional looking and user-friendly UI
  • You also have a good eye for design and aware of what makes a positive UX
  • You have enough English skills to fully work remote with people across Europe
  • No interest in managing others! Contribute, share and manage yourself is enough

Essential skills:

  • Vue.js, or other javascript frameworks (React, Angular, Ember etc)
  • Keeping up to date with best practises and new technologies within FE
  • Style pre/post processors (PostCSS, SCSS, LESS, Stylus etc)
  • Style methodologies, e.g. BEM
  • Jest or other testing suites (Mocha, Chai, Jasmine etc)
  • Good knowledge of git and Github (PR’s, issues, rebasing, cherry-picking etc)
  • Ability to find the best GIFs and emoji for all situations
  • Full English proficiency
  • Full Remote proficiency
  • Github, Slack, Trello, Hangout full proficiency (no’s so 20th century !)

Nice to have:

  • Experience with webpack
  • E2E testing
  • Experience with CI/CD tools
Recruitment process

Our recruitment process are the following 3 steps: 

  • Interview with Alexandra from HR
  • Tech test reviewed by the team
  • Team Hangout meeting

Feel free to send us: 

Your CV, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, or access to your repo to

Cycloid is committed to having equal opportunities for everyone!

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